Fiat 500

Fiat 500
  • Car model: Fiat
  • Producing country: Italy
  • Year of issue: 2015
  • Body Type: Hatchback

In July 2014, the Russian Federation launched an updated model of the Fiat 500 3-door A-class hatchback. The car has got new variants of interior design, three new body colors, fresh variants of wheel rims and the whole list of modifications of the cosmetic plan, which are intended to increase rather small popularity of a small hatchback at us, after all for 2013 it was possible to sell only 124 cars that is very little.

Next year, on July 4, 2015, the car was also changed and presented at the Fiat Turin Automobile Plant. And in general, it is not for nothing that the company’s administration is constantly making presentations on July 4 – in fact, the debut model Fiat Nuova 500 was made. The whole model range is Fiat.

Car history

The first generation

When the Second World War ended, the need for inexpensive and economical cars increased dramatically, so the manufacturers, wanting to meet modern needs, began to work on small, cheap machines. Thus, Volkswagen Juke, Mini Cooper and our guest Fiat 500 were born.

Despite the successful models of small vehicles of other car companies, only Fiat 500 was able to buy many followers in the role of car companies from Europe. The founder of the Fiat 500 series was the Topolino, which was produced by an Italian company until 1937.

Photo by Fiat Topolino

Such a miniature car was not for nothing called a “Mouse” (if translated into Russian from Italian). In its years it was one of the smallest representatives of the automobile world and had a 4-cylinder engine, the volume of which was slightly more than half a liter. The engine was water-cooled and had a radiator installed behind the engine.

Thanks to this rearrangement, the quality of vision for the driver increased, and this allowed the designers, led by Dante Giacosa, to give the model a characteristic sloping “nose”. Although the car was designed for 2 people, there were owners who were trying to get 4 or even 5 passengers into the car. Small springs could not withstand such a load. On this basis, future Topolino cars instead of ¼ elliptical springs got semi-elliptic springs.

The company’s management also realized that the buyers, despite everything, will try to “load” the maximum number of people in a small car, so the engineers have provided for the presence of removable child seats (2 pieces), installed in the luggage compartment of the “Mouse”.

Despite the small size of their cars, the automobile company “Fiat” managed to win a large number of fans. The model was notable for its small size, economy and pleasant appearance.

Fiat Topolino rear view

The machine developed the speed regime not more than 85 kilometers per hour and consumed about 6 liters of fuel for each hundred kilometers. Despite the inflation that broke out in the process, which almost doubled the initial position, the small vehicle continued to be in great demand throughout the history of construction. From 1937 to 1955, the Fiat company was able to sell about 520,000 Topolino vehicles.

The “Deputy” already popular Fiat model was a rear-wheel drive machine called Fiat 600, which was the base machine for the production of Fiat 500. The “Six hundredth” model was produced by the Italian automobile plant “Mirafiori” for 15 years (1955-1969). In total, more than 2,500,000 vehicles were produced. Although the car became a little bigger than “Mice”, it was called a diminutive nickname “Fitito” among the people.

Photo Fiat 600

For example, this name was popular among Argentines who loved this car. Fiat 600 could accommodate the owner and 3 passengers. Technically, it had low-power four-cylinder 0.6 and 0.7-liter engines. Fiat Multiplatform and Fiat Jolly were modifications of this vehicle, with a removable roof and light wicker seats inside.

The new historical stage of the car – Fiat 500 Nuova. Already known Dante Jacosa put his hand to the appearance of the new model, which managed to preserve some traditions of pre-war debut car. The novelty began to look more stylish and was produced from 1957 to 1975.

Photo by Fiat 500 Nuova

Also, the “machine” had an air-cooled powertrain, and this is the first model from classmates who received this function. The technical topic was simple – the car had a 13-horsepower engine, the volume of which was only 0.479 liters. Despite the small volume, “Nuova” accelerated to a mark of 85 kilometers per hour.

Interestingly, it was the Fiat 500 Nuova that became the first car, which was a representative of a new class at that time – a city car.

Improved performance of the “five hundred” was released in 2 months: the engine had already produced 15 “horses”, the maximum speed increased to the mark of 90 kilometers per hour, and the number of modern elements in the interior (for example, sun visors) increased.

Auto Fiat 500 Sport

The next year, 1958, they decided to present the Fiat 500 Sport, which had a 21-horsepower engine under the hood and received a fashionable two-color design, as well as a maximum bar of 105 km/h. And a couple of years later, the novelty was equipped with modifications of Fiat 500D and “Fiat 500K Jardiniere”.

The last modification had an extended by 10 cm body, half a liter engine and was an undisputed success until 1977. In the spring of 1965, the Italians have already decided to sell another version – “Fiat 500F Berlin”, and after 3 years, “Fiat 500L Lusso”, which was positioned as the most comfortable and prestigious. The Turin salon of 1972 was able to please the Italians with the model Fiat 126, which replaced the popular “five hundred”.

Photo Fiat 500 L

In total, from 1957 to 1975, the plant produced about four million small machines Fiat 599 ii, which became a cult in many European countries. It was decided to “resurrect” the vehicle in mid-2007. Wide masses accepted the novelty quite well, so in 2008 a small car got the title of “Car of the year in Europe” from the international jury.

Second generation


The peculiarity of the body can be considered a small overhang at the front and the absence of its back, which allowed to achieve maximum capacity of the cabin with extremely small overall dimensions. Almost symmetrical slope of the roof posts in front and behind, “charming look” of round headlights and 12 variants of body colors make the car an outstanding phenomenon on the road.

At the moment when Fiat was updated with the design staff, the designers and assemblers made more than 1,800 innovative changes. The Italian hatchback received a more strict and stylish appearance, a lot of new elements in the interior and modernized technical stuffing.

Restyling Fiat 500

From the outside, it will not be too difficult to distinguish the restyled Fiat 500 from the previous model release. The updated cars with the help of the designers’ efforts have acquired another, more attractive and innovative design of the nose and stern body parts.

The nose part of the updated Italian city car is equipped with new headlights (lens optics are used on the dipped beam), LED ribbon of daylight in the form of a ring, which frame the headlights and provide long-distance illumination of the front bumper, which has also changed slightly. The bumper has been changed and a new grille has been added. A chrome frame at the bottom of the bumper and a second lane on the grille were also added.

Photo of the Fiat 500

On the side doors, you can find plastic inserts that have been painted to the colour of the body. They immediately became a stylish decoration and, at the same time, provide protection for the paintwork when the doors are opened in the parking lot.

Among the rollers there is a choice – there are steel rims with hoods and 6 variations of light alloy wheels with a diagonal of 15 inches, as well as 4 variations with 16-inch wheels. The car’s stern was decorated with new parking lights, which are also LED. The bumper became a little more stringent and received fog lights.

Fiat 500 front view

Before and after the upgrade, many people attribute an unusual appearance to the machine, which is very different from, for example, Matiz or Smart. In addition, the manufacturer has also provided for such modifications as Fiat 500l and Fiat 500 C. If you pay attention to the words of the manufacturers, they position their “brainchild” as a “restrained retro-style”.

I would like to say confidently that the development department managed to save the Fiat branded lines, but also to upgrade the small car. In front of the car there are 4 symmetrically installed headlights, which crown the “front end” of the city car. The radiator grille does not differ much in the overall exterior of the car.

Auto Fiat 500 C Photo Fiat 500 C Photo of a Fiat 500 C car

Fiat 500 C photo auto

Two strips of silver leave the nameplate on different sides. The front bumper has its own small “peepholes”, represented by fog lights. The side part received massive wheel arches. They, together with the relief threshold, increase the aerodynamic characteristics of the “small car”.

It can be seen that automobile experts have worked for glory. The car has nice rounded headlights, smooth bodywork and multispoke light-alloy “rollers”. Therefore, both the girl and the young man can drive the Fiat 500 2017 – the Italian city car is suitable for everyone.


Speaking about the interior of the Fiat 500, there is a new steering wheel and front seats, a modern dashboard with a TFT-screen, designed for 7 inches, on which the speedometer is displayed, a speed sensor of the power unit and an on-board computer – all this fits perfectly into the classic layout of the dial, which can be ordered optionally.

The most important equipment, which is installed in the Italian hatchback in the basic configuration, can be called multimedia system Uconnec, which includes a 5-inch display with touch screen input, as well as radio, Bluetooth, USB and AUX-IN support. Among the optional equipment provides a navigation system with dynamic route construction and voice prompts – TomTom 2.5D Navigation.

Interior Fiat 500

According to the representatives of the Italian automobile company Fiat, the new seats have become more ergonomic. The panel in the front looks very unique – it creates a feeling of retro-motivation. The Fiat 500 2016-2017 restyled Fiat has three sets of equipment: Pop, Popstar and Lounge.

The most starting equipment Pop has a large list of equipment and has a presence:

  • Seven airbags,
  • The Hill Holder devices system (helps when you start moving down the hill),
  • Uconnect multimedia system with five and six speakers,
  • Multifunctional steering wheel
  • LED daytime running lights.

Fiat 500 interior

A medium modification of Popstar will already introduce climate control, chrome finish of the body elements. The top-of-the-range Lounge will be pleased with 15-inch light alloy wheels, electric rear-view mirrors with heating option, panoramic hatch and parktronic.

It should be noted that a lot of work has been done to increase the noise and sound insulation of the interior, used materials of high quality for finishing the interior of the Fiat 500. The luggage compartment of the car after restyling has only 185 liters of free space. However, if necessary, this volume can be increased up to 550 liters, if you fold the backrests of the 2nd row of seats.

The trunk of the Fiat 500

After restyling, many motorists believe that the interior of the novelty even looks extravagant. It seems that the main task of the designers was to round the interior to the maximum extent. The interior space of the “small car” has dominating smooth lines.

Even the door handles, duct deflectors and the climate control console are round. Free space on the front seats of the Italian car is enough, despite the small size of the car. The visibility is not reduced by the placed racks.

Rear seats Fiat 500

However, in the backseat, adults will feel a little crowded. Do not forget that in front of you Fiat 2016, which is not a full-fledged four-seater car, rather, it has a boarding formula of 2 +2.



All power units installed on the Italian Fiat 500 meet the Euro-5 environmental standard. The weakest engine works with the 8-valve gas distribution mechanism of SOHC division and has a system of distributed fuel injection.

On this basis, the 1.2-liter engine allows the vehicle to reach the first hundred kilometers in 12.9 seconds, and the maximum speed is 160 km/h. But the 1.4-liter engine already has a 16-valve gas distribution mechanism of the DOHC unit. Thanks to it the car accelerates up to 182 km/h, and the first hundred is reached in 10.5 seconds.

Fiat 500 engine

In urban conditions, this engine requires about 8.2 liters per 100 km. Outside the city, this figure becomes less critical – 5.2 liters, and the combined mode is 6.3 liters. The latter cars will also be supplied with power units that meet the strict European standards Euro 6.

Among the new engines will be:

  • Economical version of such a power unit, which will be able to function on gas and gasoline – 1.2 Easypower (LPG/petrol);
  • TwinAir with a volume of 0.9 liters, which allows you to reach a maximum speed of 173 km/h with an average fuel consumption of 3.8 liters per 100 km;
  • TwinAir Turbo with a volume of 0.9 liters and 105 horsepower – this engine accelerates to the first hundred Fiat 500 in 10.0 seconds, and the maximum speed at the level of 188 km / h – with an average fuel consumption – 4.2 liters per 100 km.
  • The updated model will be produced with both gasoline and diesel engines. The diesel engine has a capacity of 1.3 liters, which is set at 95 horsepower.


The 5-band robot has a manual switching function. If a robotic gearbox is installed, fuel consumption will be significantly reduced. In addition to the 5-speed gearbox, a 6-speed manual gearbox is also available.


This Italian vehicle was designed on the platform of the base with front drive and independent suspension with McPherson racks at the front and semi-independent torsion beam at the back.


Brake system

Ventilated disc brakes have been installed on the front wheels of the upgraded car, and drums have been installed on the rear wheels, which can be replaced with disc brakes in a more expensive version.

Steering system

The machine is controlled by a rack and pinion mechanism, which is complemented by an electrical amplifier with variable force.


If we talk about its size, it is clear that they are quite modest, but it is worth mentioning them. The length of the Italian is 3,570 mm, width – 1,627 mm, height – 1,488 mm, wheelbase – 2,300 mm, and the height of ground clearance is 140 mm.

Fiat 500L

In March 2012, during the Geneva Motor Show, the famous Italian company presented a compact “machine” 500L. It is easy to guess that the prefix “L” is translated as “big”. It seems as if Italian specialists managed to find the golden mean between practicality and style of the car. Fiat employees have created a vehicle for customers with families.

Auto Fiat 500L

Despite the similar to the reduced version, the Fiat 500L was created not on the basis of the “standard five hundredth car”, but on the platform of a more massive machine Punto. The length of the car is 4,140 millimeters, width – 1,780 millimeters, height – 1,660 millimeters, and wheelbase – 2,612 millimeters.

Taking all this into account, the compact van was created using this technology, so that the interior is used in the most efficient way possible with small external dimensions.

Exterior 500L

Fiat decided to apply its corporate style to the exterior of the Fiat 500l. The appearance of the enlarged “five hundred” performed, applying smooth and harmonious lines. Because of the exterior, the car does not even hint at aggressiveness. Even the Fiat employees, speaking about the design, call their car soft and quiet.

Speaking in general, the extended car turned out to be stylish, elegant and unusual. The owner will be able to stand out among the flow of other vehicles. Among the main design solutions we can highlight the imitation of the Fiat 500, in particular, in the nose area.

Fiat 500L photo auto

This has been achieved thanks to the circular headlamp optics and the inherent “smile”. If you compare both, the front part is fantastically similar to the “five hundred”, only if you get closer to the car, you notice that you have a completely different car in front of you.

You perceive the side part of the car as if it were a real compact minivan in front of you. This is evidenced by the presence of a short hood, almost flat roof and large glazing area. It is worth understanding that the novelty does not even hint at the dynamism, but the racing properties of such cars are not expected.

Fiat 500L side view

The important thing is that the Italian model looks stylish and unusual, and the rollers are distinguished by their original design, which allows you to successfully complete the full picture. The aft area of the compact van is not as unified with the hatchback as the front area, but it has some common features.

It looks a little clumsy because of the small window, too small lanterns and a modest bumper, although the luggage compartment door has an impressive size. In general, the Fiat 500L has turned out to be stylish, unusual and completed in terms of design, which most people will like.

Photo of the Fiat 500LPhoto Fiat 500L Fiat 500L rear view

Fiat 500L front view

It is important that the company has allowed to make Fiat 500L individual for each buyer that is an undoubted plus. In addition, the car has a two-color body paint, and the variety of colors can be even the most daring.

The roof has received 3 variants of colouring, the body – 11, and disks – 4. If to consider that in total there are 4 complete sets, it turns out that the buyer has a choice of 333 variants of execution! Taking into account such variety, any driver will choose the most suitable color for himself.

Salon 500L

The compaktwen salon was able to surprise me. Part of this was achieved by increasing the space available, as well as the large glazing area and the high panoramic roof – all this, combined with the successful positioning, even adds visual volume. If you look at the steering wheel for the first time, it seems a little square, but it turns out to be stylish and adds its elegance.

The “appliance” has a rather interesting design, in which there is information. It is possible to control the microclimatic system with the help of “twists” installed on the central console. Under it there is a cigarette lighter and two cup holders.

Interior Fiat 500L

Inside, the car interior trim repeats the bodywork or can be completely different. In total, you can choose from 1,500 interior designs. As an addition to the basic equipment, the company’s employees have provided for thousands of accessories, which begin with clothes hangers and end with a coffee maker.

Taking into account the compact external dimensions, the vehicle turned out to be spacious due to the successful location of internal elements. The front seats received plenty of free space. Seats are comfortable enough, with developed lateral support, wide ranges of settings.

The driver’s seat can be adjusted in height. People sitting on the rear sofa will not feel uncomfortable. They are provided with pockets, compartments and sufficient headroom. Importantly, the rear seats have not only a well thought out profile, but are covered with washable upholstery, which is very practical.

The luggage compartment has a useful volume of 400 liters of useful space, which is much more than just your “little brother”, but also all your opponents in the class! The trunk is properly shaped and the backrest of the seats can be folded in the ratio of 60/40.

A nice bonus will be the fact that you can form a completely flat surface of the floor. Because of this sophisticated engineering solution, it is possible to transport luggage up to a length of 2.4 meters.

Specifications 500L


The more massive Fiat 500L comes with three highly efficient engines that meet modern environmental standards. Start with the “weakest” 0.9-liter twin-cylinder Turbo TwinAir, which produces 105 “horses” and 145 Nm of peak torque.

During combined operation, the machine requires about 4.8 litres per 100 km. The twin-cylinder engine allows to reach a speed of 100 km/h only in 12.3 seconds, and the maximum speed does not exceed 180 kilometers per hour.

Next comes a 4-cylinder 1.4-liter “engine” running on gasoline, which loses 0.9-liter engine on the dynamics of acceleration by 0.5 seconds, and its maximum speed is also reduced by 10 kilometers per hour. In addition, the 4-cylinder engine’s consumption is slightly higher – 6.2 litres for every hundred kilometres.

Fiat 500L engine

The MultiJet 2 turbocharged diesel engine completes the engine line with 1.3 and 1.6 litre volumes and a highly efficient fuel system with economical and precise fuel injection. Among its features is almost silent operation, unusual for such “engines” on diesel fuel. 1.3-liter power unit develops 85 “horses” and 200 Nm of maximum torque. It is possible to reach the mark of 100 km/h in 15 seconds, and the maximum speed will be at the level of 165 kilometers per hour.

The 1.6-litre power pack develops 120 “horses” and 300 Nm of maximum torque. The 100 km/h mark can be reached in 10.7 seconds, with a maximum speed of 189 km/h. Diesel engines have always been known for their low fuel consumption, so the 1.3-liter and 1.6-liter engines are no exception: 4.2 liters per hundred kilometers.


Together with the engines, the company offers a 5- or 6-speed manual transmission or a 6-range automatic gearbox. The drive is carried out exclusively on the front wheels.


The steering mechanism works with a couple of operating modes. The first version is intended only for city mode, if you start it, the steering wheel will be easy to maneuver in tight parking lots or on narrow roads. When it is deactivated, the steering wheel will become heavier, which allows you to accurately feel the position of the wheels.


Interestingly, this Italian car of small size was one of the first in its line to get a full 5 stars on the results of EuroNCAP crash-tests, which puts it on the highest pedestal of the safest A-class car. Even in its basic configuration, the Fiat 500 has front and side airbags, side curtains and knee pads for the driver.

Moreover, the hatchback is equipped with ABS, EBD and BAS services, and in the most expensive model the customer will receive ESP and ASR services. The Italian small-capacity model has an advanced dynamic stabilization system, Hill Holder system, which helps to start moving on a slope, as well as hydraulic brake system booster (HBA) for emergency braking.

The owner and passengers are protected by a high-strength steel hull and airbag system (7 pieces). Among other things, together with the 1.3 Multijet 16v Fiat 500 2017 powertrain, the rear suspension stabilizer is installed, which in turn increases the level of comfort and increases the controllability of the vehicle.

In order to increase the safety of the Fiat 500 Sport (and not only this version) has a system that includes alarms during emergency braking. The designers did not forget to equip the compact hatchback with Isofix child seats.

Updated Fiat 500L 2017 and 2018

An updated Italian car is being sold in Russia in summer 2017. The cost of the novelty in the standard version is about 1,170,000 rubles. The buyers will be offered 3 variants of the car – classic (Urban), crossover (Cross) and extended with 3 rows of seats (Wagon).

The new model stands out from the previous model by its exterior body image, interior decoration and tooling. However, the technical side of the update has not been affected.

Appearance of the updated 500L

Each of the three variants of the “five hundred series” with the prefix “L” has its own size and stylistic solutions. To create the appearance of a new “city” Italian car, the designers borrowed many details from the iconic models of the last century, which brought some charm to the car.

The front area is very expressive – it has a trapezoidal “nose”, chrome-plated beams diverging on the sides of the nameplate, traditional round headlights with the latest interpretation of optical equipment, LED running lights in the form of half-rings, a compact slot of a false radiator and the bottom “studded” mesh air intake.

Restyling Fiat 500L

The rear area of the car has been decorated in calmer tones. There are oval lanterns with a frame of chrome, neat bumper and a fairly large trunk door with an unusual style of writing the name 500L. SUV version has other dimensions. The longer body has turned out because of the front area, which became more aggressive and received a massive grid. In addition, the crossover version has a plastic cover that covers not only the edges of the bumpers, but also the door sills with arches of wheels.

Fiat 500L 2017

It is worth noting that the model can ride on 17-inch light-alloy skating rinks with original stylistics. Seven-seater version of the modernized Fiat 500L turned out to be almost the most compact car with 3 rows of seats. In order to place them, it was necessary to lengthen the car up to 4,380 millimeters. According to the external design, the “elongated” version almost does not differ from the “urban” version.

Salon updated 500L

Driving a fresh car, you find an abundance of various upgrades, if compared to the previous version of the compact van. For example, now there is a 3.5-inch screen of the route computer, an improved steering wheel, another appearance of the gear lever and the central tunnel, as well as redesigned illumination.

Fiat 500L Salon

You can also note the presence of an advanced multimedia center Uconnect, which has a 7-inch touch screen display (previously put the screen at 5 inches), AUX and USB ports, Bluetooth, interfaces Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, navigation system TomTom and voice recognition.

Optionally, you can install the rear camera. Despite the compact structure, the model received a luggage compartment designed for 455 liters. If necessary, you can fold the backrests of the seats, which will provide 1,480 liters of useful space.

Complete sets and prices

In Russia, the Fiat 500 can be purchased starting from $11,490 in the youngest Pop version. The oldest set of Lounge equipment will cost more – 13328 $. And those who want to show off at the Fiat 500 GUCCI will have to pay for it, starting from $ 13803. The basic equipment of Pop has at its disposal availability:

  • Four airbags;
  • ABS;
  • Fog lamps;
  • Air conditioner;
  • Audio systems with support MP3;
  • Glass lifts;
  • OEM parktronic;
  • Light alloy disks;
  • Halogen optics;
  • Fabric salon;
  • Thermal glasses;
  • Customizable steering column;
  • Immobilizer.

The more advanced version of the Lounge is equipped with, among other things, an electric driver’s seat drive, a central lock with remote control, and a glass panoramic roof. The cost of later models of Fiat 500 2016-2017 will start from 900 000 $. Racing or off-road versions will cost at least $1,7660-24,512.

Fiat 500L front view

The basic equipment of Pop also includes seven airbags, slide start assistance, EBD, HBA, ESC, ASR safety systems, Uconnect multimedia system, 5-inch multimedia screen, 6-speaker audio system, multifunctional steering wheel and LED daytime running lights. The Popstar version received climate control and chrome bodywork. Top-of-the-range Longe has light alloy 15-inch discs with an original design, electric drive for exterior mirrors, parktronic and heated exterior mirrors.

Fiat 500L side view

In addition, the updated Fiat 500 boasts improved sound and noise insulation and higher quality finishing materials. It is also available on the second-hand car market. Aftermarket prices start from $6,894 to $7,660 per car of the debut years. For improved and more modern cars with modest mileage, require from $ 13788 – $ 16852.

Comparison with competitors

Based on the latest news, the main rivals of the Fiat 500 are: Alfa Romeo Gulietta, Hyundai l30, Mini Cooper, Volkswagen New Beetle and Smart. Indirectly it is possible to mention Nissan Juke.

The pros and cons

Pluses cars

  • Pleasant appearance of the car;
  • Small size;
  • Availability of LED lighting system;
  • Compact and pleasant salon with a hint of light rarity;
  • Good equipment of the car even in a base complete set;
  • The best awards on safety;
  • Not bad running qualities and dynamism;
  • Moderately strong power units;
  • Efficiency of engines;
  • Pretty good suspension bracket;
  • It is convenient to use in city conditions;
  • Presence of the display with support of touch input;
  • Comfortable seats;
  • High-quality materials of interior finishing;
  • There are various modifications;
  • You can buy an elongated version of 500L, where there are even hints of crossover characteristics;
  • Low aerodynamic resistance;
  • A spacious salon;
  • Stability on the road;
  • Excellent braking system;
  • Vivid and energetic character;
  • Well adjusted chassis.

Cons of a car

  • Not suitable for a big family;
  • Sometimes there is not enough motor power;
  • Pretty small luggage compartment;
  • Slightly overpriced pricing policy;
  • Non-informative management;
  • Sitting on the rear seats is not very comfortable;
  • The work of a robotic transmission is far from ideal;
  • It is possible to buy a similar car for such money and there will still be money left.

Weaknesses and typical problems

Taking into account that in Russia winters are not warm, inside the car there is very little function of heating the chairs. Many people do not like the distance between the steering wheel and the switch levers of turn signals and windshield wipers, so there is no need to take your hand off the “lamb” and turn on the turn signal.

It is also not clear why there is no washer fluid sensor. It is very strange, but the angle of turn of the Fiat 500 is bigger than that of Volvo. During refueling, the driver has to open the fuel tank door manually, which is also not good.

During the operation of the Fiat 500 2017 model, short-life wheel bearings are often supplied. It is good that they can be replaced separately from the hub (2 thousand rubles per 1 unit). Shock absorbers (about 3 thousand rubles) and support bearings (about 2 thousand rubles) often stop functioning.

If you drive often, knocks out the posts and bushings of the stabilizer and steering tips. If we talk about ball bearings, they do not go out of order as often. Italian “malolitrazhka” is famous for its body protection and quality of paint and varnish coating.

But the lacquer of non-metallic elements is not so durable. If to speak as a whole, Fiat 500 has received both lacks, and advantages, as well as any other vehicle, however pleasant pluses much more, and it pleases.

Reviews from the owners

Based on the Fiat 500 reviews, it can be concluded that many drivers prefer to take a modification with a 1.4-liter engine on a mechanical box. This is in the price niche is almost the same price as a 1.2-liter “engine” with a robotic gearbox, but in mechanics the car drives much faster.

In general, Fiat 500 is an expensive toy. It cannot be, and should not be, one car. The Italian manages to please his owners, to cheer them up on cloudy days. Motorists do not fully understand how it is possible to “malolitrazhka”, but it can give a positive charge for the whole day. Driving a car is pleasant and easy, so there shouldn’t be any difficulties for women.

Given the small size of the car, it feels great in city traffic. The only thing that can scare away is the high cost. However, once you pay, you won’t regret it. Every day you will stand out from the crowd of similar cars. The quality of the materials used is high, the chrome does not climb.

Plastic and glass do not rattle, the basic music system of acceptable type. Fuel consumption is minimal, and parking is a pleasure. Judging by the Fiat 500 reviews, the car almost does not go, so it is worth to prepare yourself that you can’t drive a car.

Summing up

Summing up the results of this Italian car, there are only positive emotions and impressions. It is clear that this car is not suitable for racing or off-road driving, but in urban conditions it feels like a fish in the water. Its small size makes it possible to pass even where standard cars simply cannot pass.

Pleasant external design will cause delight and attention of all passers-by and other drivers. Inside the Fiat 500 is still harmonious, stylish, but at the same time, restrained. Sometimes there is a certain rarity thread that gives the interior of the car a special charm.

Fiat 500L car

Good equipment is available even in the basic version, which is very pleasing. By the way, Abarth 500C was created on the basis of Fiat. Speaking about the safety of the machine, there is no need to worry, as the Italian received the highest marks on the European crash-tests.

Although the power units do not have record power, but still help to be mobile and dynamic city hatchback, and the minimum fuel consumption will allow to save on fuel even when driving in urban conditions. The next restyling of the Fiat 500 car turned out to be very successful – it remains only to check this updated car in business.

We advise you to read the article: Fiat history

Fiat 500 and Fiat 500L photo

Test drive

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