Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross
  • Car model: Mitsubishi
  • Producing country: Japan
  • Year of issue: 2017
  • Body Type: SUV

Mitsubishi Eclips Cross is the five-door machine of the compact SUV division, which was originally designed for young customers. This designation is determined not only by the unusual and youthful exterior, but also by the driver’s characteristics – the suspension of the car is set up for clear controllability. The model made its online debut at the end of February 2017. The whole model range is Mitsubishi.

Car history

Starting from 2011, the Japanese company Mitsubishi decided to stop producing its own 4-seater sports coupe “Eclipse”, which was in high demand. And before the Geneva Motor Show the company decided to release pre-premiere photos of its own newest crossover Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross 2017.

The car was designed to catch up with past sporting traditions of the coupe, but in a new look. On this basis, do not be surprised that the aggressive and sporty qualities of the novelty could make a special impression in Geneva. We should not forget about the statement of the company’s press service that soon it is planned to demonstrate the restyled L200, as well as to expand the model range of crossovers.

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross

Eclipse is translated as “solar eclipse”.

The new product has already been launched, and Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross will be officially launched in 2018. This version of the crossover is designed to complement the already produced machines crossovers Outlander and ASX. The model should occupy an intermediate niche between them.

The company Mitsubishi Motors itself does not have free money, and after some events the freedom has been reduced yet. Not so long ago, 34 percent of the company’s shares were sold to the Renault-Nissan alliance. It turns out that Eclips Cross 2017 may be the last car, which was designed in Mitsubishi independently.


The car has a coupe form and was built on the basis of Mitsubishi Outlander, but the presence of a more compact body length with a dynamic profile stands out. There is a line of a roof falling down to a back part, an ascending window sill line and strong inclination of a back rack. In short, we have a compact SUV in front of us.

Auto Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross 2018 width=

Even a cursory look at the novelty shows that the Japanese specialists have done a good job and pin their hopes on this machine. It should not be forgotten that the company for a long time did not have new developments, so the employees took a very responsible attitude to the design of this SUV. Tsunehiro Kunimoto, who worked on the famous appearance of Nissan Juke, was responsible for creating the appearance of this machine.

Material on the topic

This specialist was able to produce a really bright and eye-catching appearance. Most likely, he was inspired by the Pontiac Aztek’s single-handedness. The exterior of the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross 2018 bodywork shows the corporate style of Mitsubishi cars, which includes X-shaped front grille, headlights of the headlights of the narrowed type, as well as a powerful bumper.

Auto Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross

The new exterior of the body of Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross has a corporate style, but slightly stands out with three diamonds on the grille. It is important to note that the management of the Japanese company relies heavily on this model. The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross side part of 2018 has original solutions. You can notice the presence of massive arches of wheels and individual indentations along the entire length of the Japanese car.

Thanks to this, the car gets some volume and dynamism. The standard 18-inch version of the “rollers” looks a little ridiculous – powerful arches can place the wheels and more. Saves the position of more expensive equipment, which already has 19 – or 20-inch wheels. The height of the ground clearance does not exceed 183 millimeters, which should be enough for urban driving and a little off-road.

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross photo auto

Not indifferent observers can replace the folding roof and the “overwhelmed” rear posts, which increases the sportiness of Eclipse Cross. Among the advantages of the Japanese car can be distinguished doors that cover the sills. Many thanks to the design department and design team will tell the driver and passengers, as now their clothes are free of contamination when leaving the crossover.

Stampings, which pass through the door handles of all doors, bring the relief of the crossover individuality, and the design idea – integrity. This can be attributed to the other details, highlighting their rare even for famous Japanese companies thoughtfulness. The most unusual part is the back one. There is a massive spoiler and upper anti-wing, which gives dynamism.

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross rear view

The rear window seems to be separated by a flat horizontal line of LED lights. Such a design solution looks stunning and mainly attracts the eye in the dark. However, the question of practicality becomes an edge. This is partly due to the small area of wiper operation, complicating the already limited view.


If you look inside the new Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross, you can be surprised by good equipment as for a car of the middle price niche. And the point is not in the stylish colors in silver-black colors, but including the technical innovations that Mitsubishi Cross 2018 has. Initially, almost immediately striking – the presence of a wide central console with a 9-inch screen Smartphone Link Display Audio System, which supports applications on the platform iOS and Android.

This screen supports touch input. This “music” can be controlled using the central sensor or a touchscreen next to the gearbox selector. The “device” has a “board computer” screen, which is strikingly clear and easy to read. Top versions of Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross have a projection display in its equipment.

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Salon

In addition, there was a two-zone climate control, electric parking brake, fully adjustable front and rear seats, parking assistant and more. Of course, it is necessary to admit that other novelties of the Geneva Motor Show, for example, Range Rover Velar have an abundance of new technologies. The Briton, who also belongs to the crossover compartment niche, has a much higher level of equipment, but the price list also differs significantly.

The issue of ergonomics has also received a lot of attention – the controls of functional systems are located in their usual places. There is no need to reach them. The steering wheel is multifunctional, has three “diamonds” and 2 groups of keys, which are quite convenient to use. The seats installed in front have a strong lateral support, so sit comfortably in them. The lack of lumbar support is a little frustrating.

If we’re talking about finishing, there’s two senses. A modern car with such electronics should have a decent equipment, and on the shown model in Geneva seats and inserts on maps and steering wheel were made of leather. But if you look at the fact that the basic material is still the same plastic, which is accurate as in Mitsubishi Outlander, then its hard and rough surface does not cause pleasant emotions.

Negative comments can also be made about the glossy panels, which are used to finish some details – they are too dirty and easily scratched. Despite the fact that the parameters are not so big, the free space inside the car has not become less. Both front and back row can be comfortably accommodated by adult passengers with high height.

But, as they say, I couldn’t eat the fish and not choke on the bone. As a “victim” we decided to give the volume of the trunk, which is seriously reduced. Due to the structure of the aft area of the car, the loading height has increased. Though it is necessary to notice that Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross is presented in a niche of a crossover-compartment, instead of a minivan, therefore with the direct “duties” the luggage compartment copes well.

As a result, the volume of the new product is only 341 litres. The uncomfortable placement of the luggage compartment is also frustrating. The armchairs can be folded up in the proportion of 60/40, which will provide 1,058 liters of useful space. They can also be moved along the cabin, and the backrest can be adjusted to the angle of inclination. The lower section of the boot has a spare part. There are no side compartments or additional options. There is only a loudspeaker, and then only on one side.



A Japanese car company announced a couple of four-cylinder engines for Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross. The role of “initial” is performed by a 1.5-liter power plant, which received a turbocharger, adjustable phases of gas distribution, direct injection and sixteen-valve gas distribution mechanism such as DOHC.

All this allows the machine to develop 150 horsepower and 250 Nm. Interestingly, the European model received 163 “horses”. Compact version SUV, which received a gasoline four-cylinder engine accelerates to a speed of 100 kilometers per hour in 10.3-11.4 seconds Maximum speed of 195-200 kilometers per hour. In mixed mode, the engine eats from 6.9 to 7.7 liters per hundred kilometers, depending on which version.

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross engine

The second variant is considered to be a diesel, 2.2-liter version, which received a turbocharger, battery “power” Common Rail and 16-valve gas distribution mechanism. Diesel engine allows you to develop the same 150 horsepower, but with 400 Nm of torque. There is no data on the diesel engine yet.


The gasoline power plant has a 6-speed mechanical or V-belt variator box JATCO CVT8 (there are 8 “fixed speeds” and “sports” variants). Front or all-wheel drive is available. The diesel engine only works with the Aisin all-wheel-drive eight-band automatic transmission.

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross 2018 has a four-wheel drive Super All-Wheel Control transmission, where there is a multi-disc clutch capable of transferring up to 50 percent of the torque to the rear axle. There is also a front differential with electronically controlled locking and torque control (AYC) technology. This technology is able to “bite” the rear brakes and simulate the work of the active rear differential.

This “Japanese” was built on the “trolley” of Mitsubishi GF platform. A similar platform is installed on a “older” model of Outlander 3 versions. The body construction has high-strength steel types. The front wheels received an independent suspension with the famous McPherson racks, and the rear wheels received a multilever system.

Both front and rear are transverse stabilizers and normal springs. Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross 2018 has a “short” steering rail, which has an electric power steering with progressive data. Mitsubishi Eclipse 2018 brake system has ventilated brakes in front and standard discs at the back. There is support for electronic systems ABS, EBD and so on.


The Eclips Cross bodywork has a proprietary RISE impact force dissipation architecture from Mitsubishi. The new model has 7 airbags. The monitoring system has:

  • One laser;
  • One Driver Assistance Camera;
  • One front radar;
  • Two rear radars;
  • Four front angle sensors;
  • Four rear corner sensors;
  • 4 parking assistant cameras;
  • 4 parking assistant cameras
  • Tracking system for blind areas;
  • Markup line control;
  • Automatic high beam switching on and off;
  • Technology to prevent collisions when leaving a parking space;
  • Technology to prevent collisions during parking

Adaptive cruise control with the latest traffic functions in the traffic stream, which is synchronized with the Auto Stop & Go option and more.

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Safety

Mitsubishi’s Eclipse Cross 2018 Mitsubishi car won a 5-star award in the ASEAN NCAP safety rating after a collective audit with the Australian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP).

This version of the crossover was launched not so long ago in Singapore. The “Japanese” has shown itself from the best side, having scored a lot of points in the security test. In addition, the novelty passed the EuroNCAP security tests and was also able to show the best data in the class “Compact SUVs”, getting 5 stars of security. Eclips Cross was able to earn 97 points in the Adult Protection niche and 80 points in the Pedestrian Protection discipline.

It should be noted that this is the highest data in the class with a solid gap from the rivals. It is simply impossible to avoid the presence of a new proprietary system of “frontal impact mitigation” (FCM), which has worked well in all tests and on all test modes of speed. There is also an evolutionary enhanced passive body safety (RISE) system mentioned above, which actually solves a lot.

Crossover Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross has a proprietary all-wheel drive system S-AWC, which uses wheel brakes to adjust the distribution of torque to control the vector of the machine. The structure of the front bumper and hood has increased damping properties, which significantly increases the safety data during a collision.

Complete sets and prices

Russian motorists will only be able to buy a car with a gasoline engine. Only 4 options are available: Ivite, Intense, Insyle and Ultimate. The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross 2018 starts with a six-speed manual gearbox and front-drive transmission. The cost begins at $22070,63. Inwight has:

  • Two airbags;
  • Light and rain sensors;
  • One zone climate control;
  • 18-inch steel wheels;
  • Electronic assistants ABS, EBD, ESP;
  • System ERA-GLONASS;
  • Lifting assistance technology;
  • Electric windows on all doors;
  • Audio system and some other equipment.

If you want to buy a crossover with a variator box, you have to give at least $25714,73. Version with all-wheel drive system will cost at least $30920,81. The top equipment costs from $34076,01. It includes:

  • 7 airbags;
  • Attractive system with colour touch-screen display;
  • 2-zone climate control;
  • LED optics;
  • 18 inch light alloy rollers;
  • Panoramic roof;
  • Circular cameras;
  • Advanced music system with 8 speakers and subwoofer.

There is also blind spot control technology, adaptive cruise control, projection display, road markings monitoring system, front seat heating and other “lotions”.

Comparison with competitors

On the one hand, Mitsubishi Eclips Cross 2018 does not have many competitors, but there is also a serious fight between them. The list of competing cars includes Peugeot 2008 of the II generation, Mazda CX-5 II generation, Hyundai Kona, Kia Sportage, and Subaru XV.

Owner’s comments

Based on the feedback from the owners of Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross, the car is quite successful and has an original, stylish appearance. Although the width is the same as in the model Outlander and ASX, but inside there is no plenty of free space – everywhere something is located near (a panel, console, side panel, etc.). However, the crossover is more spacious than “Koreans” like Tucson.

It’s not a bad review. The hood can be seen in any position. The rear row of seats is similar to ASX, but can be moved back and forth in the Eclipse. The plastic inside is very nice and tactile and visually pleasing. The steering wheel is pleasant for many motorists as it has lacquered inserts. It is easy to open and close the luggage door, and it looks bigger than the same ACH.

The cost is obviously high, so it is unlikely that many people will be able to buy such a car. But the company strives to sell as many of these cars as possible. The rear door handles are tilted, which is a bit impractical, because scratches can easily occur. The quality of noise insulation is at a proper level.

Pluses and minuses

Pluses cars

  • Stylish, modern and sporty appearance;
  • High ground clearance;
  • Good front lighting;
  • Maybe install 20-inch light alloy ‘rollers’;
  • Large rear-view mirrors;
  • Original and youth backside;
  • Small size;
  • Qualitative interior assembly;
  • Good finishing materials;
  • Modern and informative dashboard with a small on-board computer screen;
  • Multifunctional steering wheel;
  • Have a touch screen;
  • Many different electronic help systems;
  • Free space is available on both the front and back row of seats;
  • The front seats have a good level of lateral support;
  • There is a joystick to control the media system;
  • Comfortable and functional transmission tunnel ahead;
  • High level of security;
  • Bad dynamics and average fuel consumption;
  • All versions with all-wheel drive system;
  • Projection display.

Cons of a car

  • Higher value;
  • Powertrain capacity is not always sufficient;
  • Luggage compartment is not that big.

We sum up

Due to the fact that the new Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross 2018 car will be produced only in Japan, there is no point in waiting for great popularity in our territory. The car costs more than “brothers” produced in Kaluga. Not everyone will like the small size of the crossover, so the buyer can give preference to the “older” representatives of the Mitsubishi company. However, it is obvious that the Japanese “diamond” company has taken a course to restore its leadership.

The novelty turned out to be simply excellent both outside and inside. Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross 2018 exterior is full of originality, freshness and dynamism. Solid ground clearance, along with a good motor and all-wheel drive system, will allow you to feel confident on a bad road. Inside the vehicle is very convenient and comfortable. Quality of execution is good.

The seats are comfortable and have various pleasant functions. There is a color touch screen multimedia system and a decent level of security. The volume of the luggage compartment is a little upsetting, but do not forget that we have a car of another class in front of us, so it is quite enough for everyday use. Not always enough engine power, but the “appetite” of the engine will not bother you too much. As the “last and purebred” novelty of Mitsubishi will show itself, only time will show.

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Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross photo

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