What should I be afraid of when applying for a car loan?

What should I be afraid of when applying for a car loan?

Lending against the security of property, in particular, a car, is a common way of solving financial problems. <However, many potential borrowers are afraid to take money against the security of a personal car, afraid of losing the car. How justified are such concerns and is the risk high?

How is the question solved if the borrower does not pay the debt?
Car-backed loansRational and practical approach in choosing a credit institution, careful study of the terms and conditions of the agreement and real assessment of one’s financial capabilities reduce the risks to almost zero.

Loss of a car is threatened if the borrower stops paying the debt. The bank needs to cover the costs, and the question of debt collection will be decided through the court. If the borrower does not have the necessary funds, the car will be sold. But first, the financial institution makes every effort to resolve the problem peacefully, without recourse to the justice system. It proposes debt restructuring, prolongation of loan repayment terms. Such an approach helps the client to get out of a difficult situation.

We sign a contract and an act of car transfer acceptance: what to be afraid of?
As practice shows, one should be afraid of hidden payments, which are usually illegal. In some banks, additional commissions are included in contractual obligations, which lead to serious overpayments on the loan. Hidden fees may be charged for account registration, subsequent maintenance and other services.

Receiving financial assistance on bail of a car or a vehicle implies insurance of movable property. Often, banks require a contract with certain companies that insure at inflated rates. It also leads to unnecessary and unjustified costs.

Should you be afraid to leave your car in the creditor’s parking lot? Banks and pawnshops guarantee the car owners full safety of the mortgage machine. Parking lots are always guarded. Large credit companies equip parking lots with video cameras and modern security systems of rapid response.

Before concluding the contract it is desirable to visit the parking lot and personally make sure of the security measures. After the final payment of the credit debt the borrower gets his car in one piece.


Still, there are things in life that happen. In case of damage to the object of pledge, repair works are carried out at the expense of the creditor. But this point should be provided in the contract to which the act of acceptance-transfer of the car for parking is attached. It must indicate the actual state of the car, record the absence of any damage or, conversely, the presence of any defects: scratches, dents. If the procedure is not performed properly, the borrower will not be able to file a complaint with the creditor.

Many potential borrowers fear fraud. In order not to be afraid for your car and to obtain a loan on acceptable terms, please contact large and reliable banks and pawnshops with an impeccable reputation. These financial institutions have the documents that allow them to do business in the field of credit (licenses, certificates), and usually offer the lowest interest rates, do not charge any additional fees. For example, in Moscow, MirZimov works transparently within the framework of the law and guarantees legal protection of each client’s interests (here all the details). Choosing a credit organization, ask not only about the terms of the loan secured by the car, but also the feedback from clients. Many banks and pawnshops publish borrower reviews on their websites about the service and reliability of transactions.


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