Brilliance V5

Brilliance V5
  • Car model: Brilliance
  • Producing country: China
  • Year of issue: 2011
  • Body Type: SUV

Chinese inventors have learned to clone not only iPhones, but also cars. And the last turn out to be so qualitative that a diva is given. A live example is Brilliance V5, whose photo you are looking through right now. Chinese clone BMW is a compact crossover of class K1, which immediately began to produce with all-wheel drive and front.

For the first time technical characteristics of the Brilliance V5 and the car itself were presented back in 2011. A lot of water has passed since then, and the “Chinese” is still considered one of the best in its class. Let’s check whether it’s really true together. The whole model range is Brilliance.


As already mentioned, Brilliance V5 looks like BMW X1, although it looks a little heavier and more solid. The weight of the Chinese clone is added to the feed. In comparison with other creations from the Celestial Empire car stand out smooth, elegant lines, balanced use of chromium, qualitative study of all details. It is worth noting that in this car, all the elements are made with a sense of “style”, with a special emphasis on the manufacturer’s dimensional lights, they are made in massive form.

During the production of the bodywork, all parts were made of high strength steel. Due to this, the parquet flooring Brilians B5 managed to successfully pass C-NCAP, testing was held from the front and side. Good results in this study allowed the car to pass certification not only in China, but also in the Russian Federation.

Brilliance V5 photo car

The new Chinese crossover received the front part of the body with rather large headlights, which can be recognized by Brilliance V5 from afar. They received optics with lenses and LEDs as running lights. A solid bumper with external aerodynamic elements adds brutality to the car. The wide smile of the lower air inlet looks very nice, it is underlined by an aluminum insert.

Even experienced specialists note the similarity of the car we consider with the premium BMX X1. Wheel arches of almost the same radius, punches on the sides of the body, stern, window sills – these parquettes have a lot of similar elements. It’s silly to argue that Brilliance V5 looks great in the profile taking into account finely adjusted lines and body proportions.

Side view of Brilliance V5

The back of the Brilliance V5 reflects the originality of the design idea. Volumetric ovals of dimensions that turn into a chrome bar, punches on the sides of the wings, wide skirt on a massive bumper. Appearance and strength of the body is really impressive. It is possible to say that it is chic, with shine and beauty at Brilliance V5. Unfortunately, it is impossible to say about the interior of a new Chinese car.

Dimensions of Brilliance V5:

  • The length of the car is 4,405 m;
  • The width is 1.8 m;
  • Height 1,627 m;
  • The wheelbase is part of the 2,630 m mark;
  • The track width of the front and rear wheels is 1,544 m and 1,530 m, respectively;
  • Depending on a complete set weight of the car fluctuates from 1415 to 1455 kg;
  • The fuel can holds 55 litres of fuel;
  • It is possible to increase the volume of the trunk from 430 liters to 1254 liters. Thanks to the fact that the rear back can be folded.

Summing up the dimensions of the crossover, we would like to say that it is quite comparable with popular European cars. Distinctive feature is that even large-size cargoes will fit without problems. The body of the Chinese SUV is made of strong steel, which has passed several stages of processing with anticorrosive composition.


The representative appearance emphasizes the proper design of the interior. It is felt that the Chinese have tried very hard to make the interior of Brilians warm and cozy. That’s why the emphasis was placed on providing comfort to the driver and his passengers. There is a lot of free space, there are a lot of niches for storing small items.

The Brilliance V5’s steering wheel has three spokes and a slippery rim, and the height can only be adjusted. The entire dashboard is very similar to a BMW: in the center is a console with a superstructure, something like a souffler’s box. The armchairs are comfortable, there are 6 airbags, ergonomic design of both the front panel and the driver’s seat.

Brilliance V5 interior

And yes, you won’t hear any “Chinese smell” – soft plastic and high quality fabric were used in the interior decoration. Everything is made in a classic style. Of course, there are no expensive elements here, but the interior looks elegant and stylish. Even the driver with the height of about 190 centimeters will be comfortable in the cabin, nothing interferes and does not press. Despite the fact that landing in the car is not the most comfortable, the first row of seats differs with relief backs and comfortable side support. The second row is no worse than it turned out – there is more than enough legroom here.

Brilliance V5 salon

The back seat can accommodate three people, but the greatest comfort is when there are two people sitting there. Passengers have nowhere to stretch out their legs, but they won’t have to rest their knees on the front seats. By the way, for increase in a luggage compartment backrests it is possible to summarize in a proportion 60 on 40. In total, the boot can be increased from 430 litres to 1254 litres. But as experts note, the opening in the luggage door is small, to place any bulky object will be problematic. From the comfort inside the car answer:

  • Start the engine by pressing the Start/Stop button;
  • Intelligent vehicle access system;
  • Centralized window closing function;
  • Rear window wiper;
  • Leather steering wheel;
  • Multifunctional steering wheel;
  • Adjustment of the angle of inclination of the steering wheel;
  • The conditioner;
  • The filter of salon ventilation;
  • Heating of front seats;
  • Heating of lateral mirrors of a rear kind;
  • Salon mirror with an electrochrome covering;
  • Rear window heating.



The Chinese Diamond received an independent pendant and a semi-independent beam, wheels – disk brakes ventilated in front. Electric amplifier complements the rack and pinion control. In Russia, there is only one variant of power plant for Brilliance V5. It is a gasoline engine Mitsubishi 4A92S, equipped with 4 cylinders. The working volume is only 1.6 liters, which could not but affect the capacity of 110 horses.

This modest in all parameters engine is aggregated either by five-stage mechanics or by a hydromechanical machine. Within the city, the car consumes about 10 liters per 100 km, while on the road can reduce consumption to 7.8 liters.

Until 100 km/h the car equipped with a manual gearbox is accelerated in 11.9 seconds. The maximum possible speed is 170 km/h. The diamond with the automatic rifle is a little slower, up to a hundred of its acceleration of 13.9 seconds. Maximum speed of only 165 km/h.

Brilliance V5 engine

While driving a crossover from China does not show anything surprising, it tilts to the side at steep turns. The weight of the car is almost 1.5 tons, the engine power is not enough for this mass. Many people after passing the test-drive of the diamond reported that Brilliance B5 is equipped with uncomfortable pedals. By the way, especially for Brilliance B5 it was licensed by the Mitsubishi Company to use their motor.

The gearbox is similar to the one in Hyundai and supports five gears. The similarity with BMW is observed only in appearance, to any technical similarities very far away. What distinguishes a diamond from other Chinese crossovers is that it can start the engine with a start button. Drivers who had to drive Chinese cars would not be surprised that, despite the brutal appearance of any aggression in the acceleration of the Brilliance V5 does not occur.

The engine works properly, even growls, but the speed is gathered slowly, not as it would be desirable. So if you are going to own a diamond like this in the future, consider this technical feature when overtaking the track. A good impression is left by the car pendant. It is elastic and overcomes any potholes, potholes without any obstacles. Thanks to good noise insulation any knocking is not heard loudly and does not cause discomfort. But on steep corners you can feel a strong inclination on your side.


Safety in the Chinese crossover at a decent level, the car has the following features:

  • Door locking in automatic mode at speeds above 25 km/h;
  • Automatic unlocking of doors in case of an accident;
  • Alarm system;
  • Steering wheel lock;
  • Two airbags of safety;
  • Blocking of lifts of glasses;
  • Glass lifts can be closed by remote control, they also have an injury protection function;
  • The seat belts in the rear seats;
  • Front seat belt tensioners;
  • Height adjustment of the head restraints;
  • Support for ISOFIX child seats;
  • The sensor of the not fastened belt works at speed over 25 km/h;
  • Children’s lock;
  • The steering column with protection against traumas.

Complete sets and prices

There will be two versions of Brilliance V5 equipment available in Russia: Comfort and Deluxe. Initial equipment includes 17-inch disks, parking sensors, emergency braking system, good audio system with 4 speakers, air conditioning, full electric package. The top version is supplemented with heating of side mirrors and electric drive, factory tinted, leather steering wheel, engine start button, more advanced audio system for 8 speakers.

You will have to pay 11666 $ for the Comfort version, while the top crossover directly from China will cost $ 13568. Also in Deluxe are installed fog lights, overlays on the sills and chrome door handles, repeaters of direction indicators on the side mirrors.

Photo of Brilliance V5

The pros and cons

Pluses cars

  • Good value for money to the equipment offered;
  • Improved quality of assembly and interior;
  • Finishing materials of the best manufacturers;
  • Stylish design and economy;
  • Reliability and durability of the body;
  • Capacity of a boot;
  • Ease of maintenance;
  • Comfortable armchairs;
  • Maneuverability;
  • Excellent handling.

Cons of a car

  • Weak engine;
  • Similarity in appearance to BMW x1;
  • The suspension is too rigid for our roads;
  • Repairs and maintenance may be difficult.

We sum up

Summing up, I would like to say that the crossover is designed for quiet driving, its aggressiveness in appearance is not justified by technical characteristics. Side doors close with proper human effort, it is undoubtedly frustrating.

Deciding to buy this parquet flooring take into account that the car manufacturer’s network is still poorly developed on the territory of the CIS, in this regard, there may be problems in maintenance. Chinese Brilians will undoubtedly find its buyer in our country. This is a reliable and safe family car.

Brilliance V5 car

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Brilliance V5 photo

Test drive

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