Chrysler 300C Hardtop

Chrysler 300C Hardtop
  • Car model: Chrysler
  • Producing country: USA
  • Year of issue: 1957
  • Body Type: Coupe

The Chrysler 300C Hardtop Coupe is a unique model, which is a very productive machine, a luxury division, and which was produced by Chrysler Corporation in a limited number since 1955 – 1965. With the beginning of the new year, a new letter of the English alphabet was used in the name of the car and by the end of the production, the name was 300L.

Although Chrysler did not get to the dawn of the era of muscle cars, but in its content with a large and strong powertrain, it could just fit the definition described earlier. Moreover, it was a debut machine with a power of 300 horsepower. The whole model range is Chrysler.


A couple of years later, in the 57th, the appearance of the Chrysler 300C Hardtop Coupe has changed noticeably. Now the three-hundredth has acquired elegant outlines with a slightly open voluminous grating in front and fins at the back.

A little more time passed and the car’s lines became smoother. The chrome finish prevailed, and the bumpers were now integrated into the body. Keeley, who found their place on the rear wings, turned out to be much more pronounced.

Photo by Chrysler 300C Hardtop


The interior of the Chrysler 300C Hardtop Coupe looked very interesting, as the standard version already included power windows and tilting chairs. The double-spoke steering wheel is fitted with a dashboard on which the speedometer is clearly visible, with a circular scale. It is impossible not to notice a single sofa, which was located directly on the driver and front passenger.

Chrysler 300C Hardtop interior


Under the hood of the Chrysler 300C Hardtop Coupe was an 8-cylinder V-shaped atmospheric engine with a volume of 6.4 liters and developing 390 hp. Maximum speed was limited to 241 km/h, and a hundred, the American gained in 8 seconds. The car received an independent torsional suspension, which allowed to lower the ground clearance and increase the stability of the car on the road.

Chrysler 300C Hardtop engine


Buy a productive luxury car for 85679 $ . The price will vary depending on the year of manufacture, modifications and general condition of the car.

Chrysler 300C Hardtop Side View

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Chrysler 300C Hardtop

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