Lincoln Navigator

Lincoln Navigator
  • Car model: Lincoln
  • Producing country: USA
  • Year of issue: 2015
  • Body Type: SUV

The first Lincoln Navigator was presented in 1997. It was this brand that set the bar for luxury SUVs. Almost 20 years later, the Lincolns continue to hold the top spot in sales in their segment. The noble car is built on the famous Ford Expedition platform. Meanwhile, the sizes here are much larger – more than 5 meters in length and 2 meters in width/height. The whole model range is Lincoln.


The new Lincoln Navigator has been redesigned to include a change in the stern and front end and a more retouched design. And the overall profile of the SUV is almost the same. Now the eye will be pleased on the Lincoln road with a double grille, which has already become a brand name. Head optics has become more perfect, and the changes have also affected fog lights. All lanterns are connected by a special decorative strip, which gives spice to the car.

This giant is based on twenty inch wheel rims, as an additional option the buyer can order disks of the twenty-second radius. The appearance of this SUV is impressive, but look at the Lincoln Navigator photo. The SUV is simply huge and striking when moving in the flow of cars.

Front view Lincoln Navigator 4

The standard wheelbase is quite enough to talk about the long version. By the way, the arches are able to contain rubber and 24 radii. Thanks to the restyling the company managed to change the design of the car for the better, it became more dynamic and sporty visually. And the single composition of the lighting equipment makes the car complete externally and unites all its parts in a single style. At the back of the SUV is a massive bumper with large lamps and LED strips. The body of the fourth generation Lincoln Navigator can be made in one of the following color variations:

  • White;
  • Sandy;
  • Silver;
  • Dark grey;
  • Dark blue;
  • Red ruby;
  • Dark brown;
  • Classically black.

Externally, the American SUV stands out from its European competitors. All fans of large, high-quality cars will like it. In general, I would like to say that the design of the new Lincoln Navigator is interesting and bright. Due to the fact that the legendary Lincoln brand is on the body of the car, it attracts the views of others and makes you more confident.


By all standards, the Lincoln Navigator’s fourth-generation cabin is chic. Only high quality materials meeting all standards were used in the production process. Modern options and innovative equipment will please all fans of technology and additional control features of the car. As you know, there is no taste and color of comrades. This great phrase is especially applicable when considering the design of a car. Some people like the simple, square design of this SUV. Others call it too simple. Even the dashboard does not shine with variety, it has only basic indicators of the vehicle’s condition.

Lincoln Navigator 4 interior

If you plan to move to Lincoln from any European crossover, you will obviously lack information. However, there are pluses in this, so the data is displayed immediately on the display and do not distract attention from the road while driving. One more feature is that there are many elements of wood in the interior. From the general concept of luxury, what Lincoln has done is different. But of course the car will find its client. The central control console supports the regulation of multimedia settings and climate control. Just below it there is a gearshift lever.

Lincoln Navigator photo salon

There are two cupholders next to him where you can store different small things. Many Lincoln Navigator owners use the space in their armrests as the main niche for storing things, not the glove box. There are no claims to comfort and quality of seats. Even in the simplest configuration the seats are equipped with electric adjustment. The boot of Lincoln Navigator is spacious and allows to transport large appliances, furniture and many other bulky items.


But here we have the most significant innovation – a complete replacement of a stronger V8 engine with a volume of 5.4 liters by a 3.5-liter, but turbocharged V6. However, the novelty gives out 375 horses – unprecedented power is transferred to the wheels of the six-band automatic transmission Select Shift. The engine is started with a button, hydraulics is replaced by an electric amplifier, adaptive xenon is now included even in standard equipment.

Other technical features of the Lincoln Navigator include a tracking system for the so-called “blind” zones, help in climbing the hill, automatic clearance alignment when the stern is loaded, adaptive suspension CCD with three modes of operation.

Lincoln Navigator engine

Price and equipment

It’s logical and understandable that the Lincoln SUV has virtually no competitors. The only thing that can challenge the “American” is that the Cadillac Escalade has also recently undergone a change of generations. However, Lincoln is much cheaper and costs 57160 dollars in the States (basic equipment). The car is still not produced for Russia, the official export of the model to our country is not planned yet.

Side View Lincoln Navigator 4

Pluses and minuses

Pluses cars

  • World famous and respected brand;
  • Modernity;
  • Powerful engine;
  • Security;
  • Good behavior on the road;
  • Capacity.

Cons of a car

  • Hard to find spare parts in case of failure;
  • Expensive service;
  • Design for the amateur.

In general, the car is more than worthy. But the lack of prevalence of the Lincoln brand on the territory of the post-Soviet space is a significant disadvantage, as to find spare parts and quality service is quite problematic, especially in the regions.

We sum up

It is strange that Lincoln Navigator 2015 is still not supplied to Russia. Even taking into account the quality of roads and cost, the car would be in good demand. On the side this car really looks impressive. At the same time, it is flawless in everything – both in terms of equipment and inside the cabin.

Lincoln Navigator 4 picture

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Lincoln Navigator 4 photo

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