Abarth 500C

Abarth 500C
  • Car model: Abarth
  • Producing country: Italy
  • Year of issue: 2014
  • Body Type: Convertible

There are very few cars in the world that have no competitors at all. Abarth 500C is one of them. At the heart of the car is the Fiat 500 model. However, only the body was taken from it. Otherwise, we have a cardinally new almost retro car, bitten by Carlo Abart’s scorpion. From a cute car Abarth 500C has turned into something cardinally shouting, instantly striking. The whole model range is Abarth.


Look at these inflated wheel arches! And how do you like two large exhaust pipes at once? Low landing and spoilers don’t say anything? That’s right: Abart’s appearance looks like a racing car. Obviously, the car’s relief was the last thing that worried Abarth engineers.

This model does not suffer from lack of rigidity. Along with the standard 500C, the Abarth version has retained the usual roof sidewalls. Well, the roof itself is a fabric top, which is assembled in the harmonica. The harmony of the roof does not violate in any way.

Auto Abarth 500C


The appearance of the racing car causes an irresistible desire to quickly get into the cabin. Though everything inside is so spartan that even to name the allocated space as a salon language does not turn. Rather, it is a cabin for a driver. Rear seats are so narrow and compact that they can fit only small children. And if you fit in – be kind to enjoy the enchanting retro design, which is complemented by sports elements: semi-anatomic armchairs, a small steering wheel, covered with leather, aluminum pedals.

There are no special claims to the quality of the assembly, although some plastic parts look a bit slutty. The Abarth 500C is stuffed with a strong and even very strong car. There are seven airbags, an advanced Bluetooth audio system and a stabilization system. The armchairs are also finished in leather.

Interior of Abarth 500C


The seductive mini supercar received a sports pendant at first sight. Despite the fact that the car is very small and can easily climb into any parking lot, because of the rigid suspension, it shakes on all pits and bumps. Not at all an option for Russian roads. Looking under the hood, you can find there a 1.4-liter 135 hp engine. In terms of controllability the car is far from being a standard. The steering wheel is exact, but the feedback turns out liquid.

The Abarth 500C engine

Price and equipment

The cost of the car starts from 15 000 euros. The car is equipped with an automatic gearbox, in a mixed cycle consumes about 6.5 liters of fuel per 100 km. For an additional fee you can equip the car with special stickers Abarth, cast five-spoke disks, paint the body in another color.

Abarth 500C photo auto

Summing up

We can conclude that the car Fiat 500 Abart turned out to be extraordinary. Even despite minor mistakes, there are many reasons to love this miniature sports car. On the one hand, it loses to its competitors if we talk about leisurely, daily use in the city. First of all in comfort and controllability. But as soon as we talk about sports riding, Fiat 500 Abarth will give a head start to anyone. The real driver’s buzz guarantees every trip in Abart!

The Abarth 500C convertible

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Abarth 500C photo

Abarth 500C drawing

Abarth 500C drawing

Test drive

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