Morgan 3 Wheeler

Morgan 3 Wheeler
  • Car model: Morgan
  • Producing country: United Kingdom
  • Year of issue: 2011
  • Body Type: Rodster

Morgan 3 Wheeler’s two-seater “non-mobile-remotorcycle” has been on three wheels since 2011. It was then that it was first introduced in the UK. Meanwhile, the unit is a replica of a fairly ancient model of 1953. The most interesting thing is that it has no competitors at all. 60 years ago, Americans from LibertyMotors made several copies based on the original Reliant.

Morgan looked, was inspired, restored production. As one of the designers John Wells noticed, Morgan 3 Wheeler has no Liberty details. Meanwhile, that’s where the inspiration came from. The whole model range is Morgan.


The basis for this bizarre machine was a steel tubular frame. The body is made of aluminium panels, fully formed by hand. Of course, on an ash frame. There is a special net for luggage. Above the wheel there is a stern – suitcases with fasteners are also placed here.

Morgan 3 Wheeler 2011


Since it’s not a car in front of us, but a tricycle, it makes sense that the dashboard is much simpler too. There is a speedometer, a tachometer – and what else do you need? By the way, the starter button was ripped off a real plane. It’s nothing but a Euro FighterTyphoon bombing flap. The seat is quite narrow and small. The steering wheel is huge, with belts in the middle. The elbows don’t want to get inside. That’s the whole Morgan3Wheeler.

Morgan 3 Wheeler cabin photo


The tricycle from the British manufacturer boasts a 1.8-liter four-stroke S&S X-Wedge V-Twin engine. Its power is quite enough to accelerate up to 100 km in just 4.5 seconds. The gearbox behaves perfectly – it was borrowed from Mazda MX-5. Morgan’s power is also in order – we are talking about fantastic 136 horses.

Morgan 3 Wheeler Roadster

The system transmits the torque to a single rear wheel, the gearbox is manual. Now about sensations. At first, the Morgan 3 Wheeler vibrates and vibrates hard enough. Driving it is simple enough. The main thing is not to make sharp turns and not to try to check whether it is really possible to squeeze 185 km/hour out of this baby. The gas is tight, but you get used to it.

Car Morgan 3 Wheeler 2011

A couple of words about speed. In the UK about this tricycle you can find very contradictory responses. We’re not sure if it’s as fast and cool as the manufacturer says it is. After all, the whole design looks too fragile. It’s not a racing wheel terrorist, it’s just a tricycle car for easy outdoor walks.

The 3Wheeler isn’t very good at curves either. The front wheels are fitted with Avon pre-flood tyres. Their width is ridiculous 10 centimeters. Throw the tricycle into a corner and it will just go straight ahead. It’s a good thing that the rear one has a width of almost 20 cm.

Complete sets and prices

It is clear that this handsome man will have to fly to the UK in person. There Morgan 3 Wheeler in euro can be purchased for 35000 euros. However, its practicality and demand on Russian roads is very, very doubtful.

Rodster Morgan 3 Wheeler

We sum up

The unique machine was made by Morgan, very unique. Looks stylish and unusual, is operated as a whole easily. But you should try to drive the Morgan 3 Wheeler and drive into a hole on the road at full speed. The fifth point will remember such a trip for a long time. Otherwise, no complaints. Nice, a little prim, but aggressive tricycle.

Side view of Morgan 3 Wheeler

We advise you to read the article: History of Morgan

Morgan 3 Wheeler photo

Video overview

Test drive


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