Saab 9-3

Saab 9-3
  • Car model: Saab
  • Producing country: Sweden
  • Year of issue: 2014
  • Body Type: Sedan

Saab 9-3 is a mid-sized sedan produced from 1998-2014. The main difference between these vehicles is the use of turbine units in mass production. Prior to the production of the cars, the company was engaged in the manufacture of airplanes. The platform Opel Vectra is taken as a basis. In 2008, a restyled version of this model was released. The whole model range is Saab.


The design is a bit like an airplane because of the aerodynamic devices. Many elements show the sporty mood of the car. Lightning fast lines, window contours and specific “squeezing” of headlights create a mirage of constant movement of this car. Chrome-plated inserts and updated lighting equipment were introduced. Rear headlights in black, which looks like makeup with arrows.

The Swedes often brought the design of cars to nature, and this time Saab turned out to be a well polished stone, pleasant to the touch and which you can look at for many years. The model has left a recognizable front end with a distinctive radiator grille and an elongated, sophisticated air intake. In the restyled version, the front stacking, door panels and front hood have been changed.

Photo Saab 9-3


For the formation of the interior, designers chose the best quality materials. As a result, the interior is equipped with maximum comfort and convenience for the driver and passengers. Saab can accommodate five people, and each of them will feel free and comfortable. This is achieved by increasing the body width and wheelbase.

Interior Saab 9-3

The people in the back won’t feel uncomfortable in their knees. Everything inside is ergonomic and tidy. The fit and position of all the appliances and controls is comfortable and made as if “around the driver’s seat”. Ability to control the sound, telephone and on-board computer on the steering wheel facilitates the work of the driver. The Sentronic automatic transmission gearshift is located on the steering wheel.

Saab 9-3 cabin photo

The computer remembers the necessary individual settings and returns to them when necessary. The speed of multimedia system information processing has been increased and now it reacts more quickly to the decision making. The discretion to make the salon light has improved the appearance of the salon. The quality of the finishing materials is high. The trunk capacity of the sedan is 425 litres.


The choice of the required unit is wide enough. Linear and ARK are equipped with a 1.8-litre atmospheric atmosphere in the smallest package. The range also includes three turbocharged engines with the same volume – 2.0 liters, but different in pressure capacity. The weakest engine, with a turbine of 2.0 – provides 150 horsepower, while the average at a pressure of 0.7 bar allows you to get 175 hp.

The most powerful gasoline two-liter – gives 210 hp. There is also a gasoline V6 with a volume of 2.8 liters and it produces as much as 250 horsepower. However, the last V-shaped engine is available only for AERO. Turbo diesel with a capacity of 1.9 liters is also installed. Power units are synchronized with 5-speed automatic transmission Sentronic, which has manual mode.

Saab 9-3 engine

There is a choice of 6-speed mechanics. Saab 9-3 has achieved high safety performance. More than 75 crash tests have been carried out. The engineers decided to add two infrared sensors to monitor the driver’s condition so that he does not fall asleep. If this happens, they force him to stop and rest.

The suspension was adjusted in the image of Porche 911, and this means a lot. The bodywork has been specifically designed to cut through and distribute the airflow that makes the car stable. The headlamps and rear windows are even more protected against water splashes and dirt.

Complections and prices

The cost of the Saab 9-3 varies from $12000 to $17000. There aren’t many sales of the Saab brand, but they are. The company asks for $22311,18 for the updated Saab 9-3 Aero. There are three complete sets – Linear (the simplest), Vector (medium) and the most sophisticated Aero. Each of them has a different base and finish.

Saab vehicle 9-3

We sum up

Undoubtedly, there are even faster and more powerful vehicles on the market than the Saab. But the desire will stand out and the desire to fall in love with this really fast as an airplane car will obviously prevail. Good suspension, powerful aggregates, one of the best safety systems, climate control, ABS and ESP – all this is in the minimum equipment. And the price on the Russian market is not as high as it is for such indicators.

Saab 9-3 sedan photo

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Saab 9-3 photos

Saab 9-3 drawing

Saab 9-3 drawing

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