• Car model: BYD
  • Producing country: China
  • Year of issue: 2011
  • Body Type: SUV

At first glance, the BYD e6 electric car impresses by the fact that it does not resemble an electric car at all. Such cars have reliability, innovativeness, ease of use, and ease of driving. The Chinese manufacturer of BIDs is known for its original production of electrical equipment and power supply parts for them. The whole model range is BYD.

The desire to develop electric machines was almost immediately crowned with success. Many specialized specialists agreed that the BYD E6 machine is the debut in terms of success among all the companies that produce alternative vehicles from the Celestial Empire. Electric cars are gaining popularity and are becoming quite commonplace.

The fact that fuel costs are constantly increasing is a good argument in favour of powered cars. But there is one spoon of tar, which characterizes their range, which is not the strong point of electric cars. Therefore, it is logical to conclude that even if large automobile concerns do not manage to produce an electric car, which would have a sufficient range, the Chinese have nothing to try at all. However, they were able to answer by releasing BYD E6.


This machine has a flashy appearance that looks a little like the Nissan Note. BID E6 has an expressive front part with rectangular LED headlights, radiator grille in the form of a trapeze with a stylish shield, on which a relief pattern in the form of a microcircuit was applied. The massive front bumper has LED strips of daytime running lights, which found their place in the side niches.

The side of the BYD E6 car is distinguished by athletic wings, stylish alloy wheels, which have a radius of 17 inches. The design of the electric car boasts the dominance of straight lines. The aft part of the machine has large square rear lights with transparent optics.

BYD E6 electric car

In general, BYD, despite its competitors, who are also engaged in the production of electric cars, was able to offer the buyer a laconic and even, if you allow, simple design solution of its car.

The developers were able to maintain the necessary balance between the modern style and the non-use of too bright and visible elements. When the car moves on the road, it does not look like an alien, but does not stand out from the flow, as a simple average car.


The interior of the electric crossover is rivaled by the quality of the finish. This has been achieved in part due to the materials used for interior decoration and seat upholstery, as well as by the highest quality assembly. When you get into the car BID E6, you do not feel this traditional “Chinese” smell of leather and plastic. As for the plastic itself, it turned out to be much softer than its gasoline brothers.

Inside the car is spacious enough. On driver’s and passenger seats there are electronic adjustments, wide pillows and backrests with side support. The seats installed in front share a wide armrest with a container and a pair of niches for cup holders. The steering wheel is leather and can only be adjusted in height.

BYD E6 interior

Magnitola is designed for 10 speakers and supplied by Infinity. The central console has at its disposal a wide multimedia system display, which supports touch screen input, and displays navigation data, shows satellite TV, Bluetooth telephony. It is slightly below the 2-Zone climate control system of the machine.

Do not forget about the special “emergency” button SOS, which in case of an accident or other emergency, one click activates the distress signal, which in turn goes to the remote control of the support service of the car, which, depending on the position, redirects the call to the rescue service or the police.

The rear sofa is designed for three people. The doors, both in front and behind, are quite wide in format, which facilitates boarding and disembarkation of people. The driver’s seat is ergonomically designed for maximum ergonomics. Comfortable steering wheel together with the dashboard, which received the equipment of various setting buttons, climate control, as if tempting potential customers BYD E6.

BYD E6 photo salon

Moreover, there is an on-board computer, rear view camera and remote control buttons on the steering wheel. Almost all the mechanical switches have been replaced by electronics. The shape of the dashboard looks standard for both the driver and the seated passenger. It has been placed on the centre of the torpedo and is covered by a large visor.

The LED devices have good readability, despite the bright sunlight. The BYD E6 cabin has no unnecessary details, and the driver’s seat architecture has been designed to allow him to drive more confidently without distraction. Although three people can fit in the back, the central passenger will be slightly uncomfortable as the central tunnel passes in front of him or her.

The electric car itself pleases with the presence of any niches for trifling. The size of the luggage compartment is not record-breaking, but thanks to 385 liters of useful space, you can transport your own cargo. If necessary, it is possible to increase this volume up to 1000 liters, while adding backrests of the rear sofa.


The maximum speed of this electric car is about 140 km/h. The car has a power reserve of up to 300 kilometers, but at the same time, the battery charging time of up to 50% of their content will not take more than 20 minutes. To fully charge the car, it will take 40 minutes at the filling station and about 6 hours at home.

If you believe the company’s assurances, the BID gives a guarantee for recycling all the chemical components that are used in batteries. Thus, the car requires a little less than 21.5 kWh per 100 km, which is about 6.54 UAH per 100 km. Despite the fact that the machine has no internal combustion engine, it is still not as light as it may seem.

BYD E6 engine

Okay, his weight is 20,000 pounds. Almost half of the total weight is occupied by a 900-kg iron-phosphate battery located under the floor. Despite its heavy weight, the electric car moves quite easily and maneuvers on the road without much difficulty. Minimal plan swaying, which is partly achieved due to the solid weight of the car.

The BYD E6 is equipped with an independent Wishbone suspension at the front and back, which swallows potholes and unevenness of the road surface pretty well. The front layout was chosen as the drive. As mentioned above, the E6 can drive in two modes – “Eco” and “Sport”.


The safety of an electric BYD E6 vehicle includes the presence:

  • Four airbags;
  • Front airbags for driver and front passenger, and side airbags;
  • Brake assist systems (anti-lock braking system, brake force distribution system and emergency braking system);
  • Immobiliser;
  • ISOFIX child seat locks;
  • Electric windows in front;
  • Electric power steering;
  • Electronic dashboard;
  • Multifunctional display;
  • On-board computer;
  • Central lock with keyless access;
  • Adjustable steering column for departure and height;
  • Plastic interior finish;
  • Armchair upholstery in artificial leather;
  • Heating of the front seats;
  • Leather braided steering wheel;
  • Dust filter of the salon;
  • Navigation systems.

Complete sets and prices

The BYD E6 will be sold in a single version. There will be two rechargeable batteries, a complete package of equipment, which includes security systems. The fact that there is no diversity, eloquently indicates that the developers of the car made the main emphasis on the innovativeness of the electric car. However, such a considerable price list does not affect the degree of implementation of cars. Today, BYD E6 is the most technically advanced and easy to maintain car in this segment.

BYD E6 Photo

The pros and cons

Pluses cars

  • Spacious salon;
  • Comfortable and quiet pendants;
  • Good equipment;
  • Full electric adjustment of front seats;
  • Long power reserve in adverse conditions;
  • High-quality electronic stuffing, which has a significant resource;
  • Absolute ecological compatibility of driving;
  • Significant saving of money for fuel purchase;
  • Not bad technical characteristics;
  • Extremely fast battery charging;
  • Simple service and repair;
  • Easy operation due to the introduction of stepless gearbox;
  • Pleasant appearance;
  • Good optics;
  • Acceptable luggage compartment.

Cons of a car

  • Standard appearance of an electric car, which is not typical for alternative types of vehicles;
  • The use of cheap finishing materials inside the machine;
  • Suspension shaft, which contributes to the appearance of rolls when turning abruptly;
  • Large masses when compared to gasoline vehicles of a similar segment;
  • Not enough high ground clearance, as for a crossover;
  • The car is easy to get on the “belly”;
  • In winter, the mileage will be reduced by about 25%;
  • Seats are far from ideal in terms of comfort;
  • The expensive price of an electric car.

Summing up

In the end, summing up the Chinese electric crossover, there are still pleasant feelings. It is clear that it is not Tesla, but still. The car has received rather interesting appearance which will not make the person not knowing get confused and he will not understand that in it there is no internal combustion engine. Frankly speaking, it is difficult to call it a crossover, because the height of the ground clearance is not crossover.

But as a whole, on the design worked well. BYD E6 looks modern, stylish and even youthful car. Getting into the car itself, you feel good. Yes, here you will not find expensive and exquisite finishing materials, but still you will not find cheap plastic, which produces an unpleasant smell.

BYD E6 auto photo

The dashboard looks very interesting and stretches horizontally under the massive visor almost to the front passenger. They have not forgotten to install a color display, which also supports touch screen input, and this indicates that the company is striving to keep pace with modern technology. The seats are generally comfortable, but they lack improved side support.

Three passengers will be able to sit in the back, but a person sitting in the middle will be slightly disturbed by the tunnel underfoot – why it is there, a good question. The luggage compartment does not differ in record figures, but can place the average luggage without any problems, and if necessary, you can increase the useful volume of the trunk, while folding the backrest of the rear seats.

BYD E6 front view

The car did not turn out to be a racing car, but has good dynamic characteristics, as well as an acceptable power reserve and fast charging. They have not forgotten in the Chinese company about ensuring the proper level of safety, which will allow you to feel more confident and protected in an electric car.

I would like to believe that the company will continue to improve the existing cars with electric heart and produce new ones, so that in a few years only environmentally friendly cars will drive. Then it will be possible to significantly reduce fuel costs, the need for large amounts of oil will drop and the Earth will cease to be heavily polluted. Chinese specialists have chosen the right path.

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BYD E6 photo

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