The model range of the British Arash Motor Company

The private British company was founded by Arash Farbow. From the first days of its existence the company was aimed at the production of cars exclusive in power and convenience. However, the production of the promised Arash AF-10 was constantly postponed. Despite the difficulties, the company introduced the first prototype, named Arash GT, in 2003. This car was shown at the British Auto Show and caused considerable interest among professionals.

In 2006 the new Arash was shown in London in the light of the next motor show. 2009 marked the release of the Arash AF-10. Its design was largely similar to the style of Ferrari Enzo. In its production was used the most modern materials, such as carbon fiber, laminated plastic.

From 2006 to 2011, the automobile company produced Farboud GT and Farboud GTS. Participation in various racing competitions each time allowed upgrading and improving the car. All developments and experience embodied in the new Arash AF-10. Development and production of new cars continues to this day.

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