Bogdan 2310

Bogdan 2310
  • Car model: Bogdan
  • Producing country: Ukraine
  • Year of issue: 2009 – 2015
  • Body Type: Van

Bogdan-2310 is a passenger car designed for commercial purposes on the Lada-2110 platform. The model has been produced since autumn 2009 and is still in production, as the demand for the car is still there. Bogdan has described itself well as a quality producer of small and medium class buses, which are already operating on the country’s flights. The whole model range is Bogdan.


The appearance of the front end of the car, cab and hood is almost the same as that of the VAZ2110. It is distinguished by its symbol of Bogdan company, located on the grille. The front bumper and headlights were also updated. At the back is a large luggage compartment with specific aerodynamics and lines at the side. At the stern you can see a double-leaf door. The size of the wheelbase has not changed, in relation to the “ten”. There is a lot of space for cargo in the Bogdan-2310 van. Its volume is about 2.5 cubic meters and payload is over 500 kg.

Bogdan 2310 van

The cargo part of development of engineers of Bogdan automobile plant is based on frame construction with suspension on springs. The rear doors open at 90 or 180 degrees and can be fixed in these states. The floor is covered with good plastic, and up to the height of the arches, the sides are covered with grey felt. It is possible to use anchor belts in the floor and on the boards, there are steel loops for this.

Above the doors there is an internal light bulb. The design of this car was developed with the expectation of possible installation of gas-cylinder equipment. The loading height is 530 mm. And in the lowest part, the clearance is 130 mm. The purpose of production of this van is to help many entrepreneurs in the trade and other environment.


The interior itself remained the same as that of VAZ-2110. It is very simple and intuitive. 2310 borrowed the steering wheel from 2110, with adjustable angle of inclination, instrumentation on the panel and practical seats. The steering wheel itself did not receive a hydraulic booster. A big advantage is the availability of on-board computer, electric drive of glasses, auxiliary lamp for reading and illumination for the ignition key.

During a long journey, the driver will not be distracted from the road, because the panel is not superfluous. The on-board computer allows you to monitor fuel consumption and determine the remaining refueling distance, and you can also monitor the temperature overboard.

Bogdan 2310 cabin


Under the hood of Bogdan-2310 there are two power units. It is a 1.6-liter gasoline, 8-valve engine with an output of 80 hp and 16-valve, 1.6-liter, but giving 89 hp. The engine is connected with the wheels of 5-speed gearbox. The rear suspension is semi-independent and consists of springs with longitudinal levers and a transverse beam, which works on twisting.

Bogdan 2310 car photo

Technical characteristics
Motor Engine type
Engine volume
Power Gearbox
Razgon up to 100km/h, p. Maximum speed km/h
Bogdan 2310-31 1.6 MT Gasoline 1596 cm³ 80 hp Mechanical 5st. 18.0 135
Bogdan 2310-36 1.6 MT Gasoline 1596 cm³ 89 hp Mechanical 5st. 13.5 165

Complections and prices

Such an assistant for small business, in Russia costs from 300 000 rubles. The price varies depending on the year of manufacture, and the possible expansion of the wheelbase by 270 mm.

Bogdan 2310

We sum up

Bogdan-2310 is an indispensable assistant for small businesses and private sector residents. Its advantages are: powerful, but at the same time quite economical engine, payload of more than 500 kg, simplicity, as well as low maintenance and repair costs, good controllability and stability on the road and acceptable comfort for the driver and passenger. Disadvantages: noise insulation, inconvenient rear-view mirrors, lack of power steering.

Bogdan 2310 2012

We advise you to read the article: “History of Bogdan Corporation”

Bogdan 2310 photo

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