Qoros 3 Sedan

Qoros 3 Sedan
  • Car model: Qoros
  • Producing country: China
  • Year of issue: 2013
  • Body Type: Sedan

Qoros 3 is a spacious front-wheel drive sedan designed and manufactured by Israeli-Chinese company Qoros. The “golf class” model was in 2013, and the next year, in 2014, the car began to be produced in China and Europe. Despite the Chinese “origin”, the development team has many experts from Germany. The whole model range is Qoros.


A famous designer Mini, Gert Hildebrand, worked on the external image of the sedan. The stylish headlights with a combination of bi-xenon and LEDs, a small chrome-plated radiator front grille, an impressive bumper with air inlet, an aerodynamic bottom skirt and fog lights on the edges are striking in the front.

In front of Qoros 3 shows the elevated lines of windows, massive ribs, located on the sides, wide openings of doors, considerable sizes of wheel arches, having the form of a semicircle. The rear of the car looks no less spectacular. Original and fashionable headlamps of overall light, which use LEDs. Large bumper with built-in nozzles for exhaust pipes and a high wall of the luggage compartment lid.

Front view Qoros 3 Sedan

The machine is equipped with 16-inch factory discs, and if desired (at extra cost), you can also order R18. In general, the novelty looks rather fresh and even sporty. The body is optionally painted in: black, white, silver, brown and gray. Large arches of the wheels can hold 17-inch rims.

If you bypass the car more than once, you begin to understand that designer Hildebrand was able to assemble in the appearance of the new car all the necessary features that are inherent in most modern cars, but the novelty still looks fresh enough, holistic, assertive and sporty.


Qoros 3 salon has acquired one of the best finishes. Designers have applied combined fabric and leather, as well as soft and pleasant to the feeling quality plastic to the interior. The front seats have active side support and can be optionally equipped with electric drive and heating. The front panel is made in a classic style and has nothing extra.

In the center of the “torpedo” has found its place 8-inch touch screen. And the multimedia system functions with USB, Bluetooth and navigator interfaces. In front of the driver there is a steering wheel with many options, and as is customary in sports models, at the bottom of the steering wheel rim it is trimmed, which adds to the free space in the cabin. The steering column is adjusted in two directions: height and departure.

Qoros 3 Sedan interior

On the instrument panel you can find the on-board computer display and round tachometer and speedometer sensors. With a larger wheelbase, both the driver and passengers feel comfortable and comfortable inside and there is plenty of legroom on the back. The volume of the trunk of Qoros 3, 450 liters of useful space was also pleasant.

A multimedia system with a touch screen, an audio system with four built-in speakers and an electric drive of all the windows will be installed in the factory. Not all foreign cars can boast such a basic set. Among the additional equipment can be installed cruise control, rear view camera, climate control and other equipment.

Qoros 3 Sedan interior photo

The driver and the passengers sitting next to him will be able to feel comfortable and comfortable. Even tall people, about 190 cm tall, will not feel uncomfortable. Due to the fact that the wheelbase has been enlarged, the passengers sitting behind will also feel comfortable.

Free space for feet and knees is quite enough and although the sofa is designed for two passengers, the third will not seem superfluous. A little unpleasant sensation may come from the almost vertical backrest of the chairs and the low ceiling. The seats in the front can be adjusted in 6 directions.


Under the hood of Qoros 3 there are two gasoline engines, 1.6 liters in volume – atmospheric and producing 126 hp of power and turbocharged with higher power – 156 hp. Synchronized operation of these units with 6-stage mechanics or 6-stage “robotic” DCT with two clutches. The motors are connected to the Start/Stop function. The sedan is based on the front drive, McPherson racks are installed in front and a torsion beam is used at the rear.

Each wheel is equipped with ventilated disc brakes and ABS anti-lock system and stabilisation system. Chinese sedan to overcome the first hundred takes from 9.7 to 12.6 seconds and is able to reach the maximum speed from 197-217 km/h. In a mixed cycle, the car spends about 6, 6.4 liters per 100 kilometers.

Qoros 3 Sedan engine

The Chinese sedan is designed in such a way that its power pack is positioned transversely. The steering device of rack and pinion type is supplemented with an electromechanical control amplifier. Ahead were installed 305-millimeter ventilated disks braking system, and the rear 285-millimeter. Thus, an atmosphere of 1.6 liters, producing 126 horsepower and operating with a six-speed manual gearbox, can accelerate the car to the first hundred in 11.6 seconds.

The speed limit will be 197 km/h. The same atmosphere, but with an automatic box, reaches 100 km/h in a slightly longer time – 12.6 seconds. The speed limit is the same (197 km/h). The turbo version of the 1.6-litre engine comes with an automatic gearbox and provides the dynamic performance that is superior to the atmospheric variant. The first hundred is achieved in 9.7 seconds, and the maximum speed is 217 km/h.


The Chinese machine is positioned as a compact sedan, but the external dimensions look large enough, as for the compact version. The length is 4615 mm, width is 1839 mm, height is 1445 mm, wheelbase is 2690 mm, ground clearance is 160 mm, which is not a lot when you consider the quality of our roads.


The car has it:

  • Several passive and active safety systems;
  • Front and rear with side airbags;
  • Belt pretensioners;
  • Seat-belt load limiters;
  • New side airbags for head protection;
  • New side airbags for breast protection;
  • Presence of an alarm device for unbuckled seat belts;
  • ESC;
  • Speed monitoring and tracking function.

Crash-tests of Qoros 3 sedans have been carried out with the following results: safety of adult passengers – 95 percent, child protection – 87 percent, pedestrian safety – 81 percent, safety systems equipment – 81 percent. Despite the location and body of the driver and passengers, they are protected from severe damage. Earlier, when it came to safety, cars manufactured in China were notoriously famous, but time is of the essence and now they can easily win 5 stars in the safety rating.

Thus, this Chinese man was able to get all 5 stars in the Euro NCAP crash-test. Full modification of the standard passive equipment gives the driver and passengers complete safety. Even if a collision occurs, the rear head restraints of the front seats have been designed to reduce the chance of injury to the cervical spine.

Qoros 3 Sedan photo
Child seats also meet all the necessary requirements (ISOFIX). Moreover, the machine has won all the awards for good anchoring of child seats in front and side crash tests. The company assures that their car was able to distinguish itself by showing everyone its synchronization with all types of child seats offered by the European Safety Committee.

On top of that, this innovation has been able to achieve stunning readings among pedestrian safety tests. This makes a big plus for the engineering staff of the company. The European Safety Committee reviewed the test criteria, which included the safety results of the car, where the Chinese model again demonstrated excellent readings.

Crash test

Complections and prices

There are three complete sets of Qoros 3 vehicles on the Russian market. And all of them are equipped with an engine with the same volume of 1.6 liters. For example, the Essence version with a 6-speed gearbox and an atmospheric engine with an output of 128 hp costs $10662,38. The same model with the same parameters, but with Experience costs $11996,16.

But for a model with an automatic transmission you will have to pay $12707,82. Turbine engine with an automatic 6-article box and 156-strong engine is estimated at $14219,12. And finally, the most “stuffed” version of Elegance with a turbocharged 1.6 liter engine and 6-article automatic costs $14930,78. All equipment is equipped with 6 airbags.

Qoros 3 Sedan car

Pluses and minuses

Pluses cars

  • Pleasant and beautiful appearance of the car;
  • Lightening technology;
  • Nice, stylish yet discreet interior of Qoros 3;
  • Nice front seats;
  • Touchscreen 8 inch display;
  • Free space is really enough on both the front and back row;
  • Not bad dynamic indicators, especially turbocharged versions;
  • Opportunity to order 18-inch wheels;
  • Good car equipment;
  • Outstanding level of passive and active security.

Cons of a car

  • Still weak power units, especially atmospheric ones;
  • Average ground clearance, which may not be enough for our road conditions;
  • For a sedan of this size, more luggage compartment could be made.

Summing up the results of the Chinese Qoros 3 sedan, it is worth saying that he managed to surprise. It started after his rather interesting design, which has both style and sporting qualities, but at the same time restrained style. Most motorists should like the interior. There are also large two dials of the tachometer and speedometer, between which there is a convenient information display of the on-board computer.

We found the space and tools to install an 8-inch touchscreen display. Speaking of safety, despite the fact that it is a Chinese model – it has gained confident stars and awards for providing the required safety not only for the driver and passengers, but also for pedestrians. Design, interior decoration, dynamic characteristics, safety – all this is closely intertwined with a fairly acceptable pricing policy of the automobile company. A good price/quality ratio.

Back view of Qoros 3 Sedan

We sum up

A modern, new car Qoros 3 is very attractive. Good combination of price/quality, good build quality. Rich enough basic equipment. In short, the Chinese style is smoothly intertwined with German functionality.

Qoros 3 sedan car photo

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Qoros 3 Sedan photos

Test drive


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