Rover 75

Rover 75
  • Car model: Rover
  • Producing country: United Kingdom
  • Year of issue: 1998-2005
  • Body Type: Sedan, Station Wagon

He debuted Rover 75 in the English city of Birmingham in October 1998. The 75th model was launched in March 1999. The machine presents itself as a joint project of BMW and Rover. About 700000000 pounds were spent on this development. Part of the reason for this high price is that the project was completely new. Production of the car continued until 2005 and was in variations: sedan and station wagon. The whole model range is Rover.


No major changes were observed in the Rover 75, except for the main optics and a sharper contour of the front hood and wings. There was a very necessary handle of a boot dressed in chrome, considerably fashionable rims of wheels and a duplicate of indicators of turnings. The external image turned out to be in the British refined style.

Almost all of them, starting with fashionable grille shapes and ending with a specific rear rack, which goes expressively into the luggage compartment, is subject to the unity of design, where any part perfectly harmonizes with the elegant image of the car. The delicate application of chrome inside and outside the car is irresistible.

Rover 75 auto

Double headlamps are now shining with xenon, powerful yet uniform lighting. To increase visibility, the British have slightly increased the side mirrors of the rear view, and at the same time managed to preserve their cute appearance. Everything is moderate and in the traditional British style. Unusual silhouette with a smooth and narrowing trunk and slightly rounded lines only pleases the eye.


Both Rover 75 models, both sedan and wagon, received one of the most elegant, comfortable and stylish interiors. The quality of the dashboard is stunning, even with its polished nut veneer. Plastic is present, but it is expensive, soft and quality material. In a flash, attention is drawn to the luxurious forms of speedometer and tachometer, and the round arrow clock, only give a coziness. All necessary information is displayed on the on-board computer monitor. Engineers have given many functions to the control of electronics.

For example, it monitors the rain level itself and switches on the wipers if necessary, and switches on automatic heating when the rear window is fogging or freezing. Comfortable and spacious armchairs guarantee comfort and side support. Rover engineers have installed the 2nd soundproofing of the engine compartment and used thicker glass than achieved silence inside the cabin.

Rover 75 interior

Pleasantly surprised by the computer notification of the need to visit the maintenance station, and even tell what kind of work will need to be done. Rear passenger will also be comfortable to sit. Two cup holders and an armrest can be conveniently removed. If you wish, you can fold the seat and thus increase the useful space for the overall cargo, which will be very useful to the Russian consumer.


Rover 75 was produced in three gasoline versions: The 4-piston atmosphere, 1.8 litre in volume, was much more powerful than the 1.8 litre turbine and 2.5 litre V6. Such units are synchronized with five automatic gearboxes, which also has the Sports mode.

The engineers also paid much attention to the body, which used a new alloy that combines strength and lightness. More than 40% of the body parts are made of high stability alloys. Hence, the warranty period against corrosion is 6 years. It was decided to put McPherson suspension on the front and Z-shaped suspension on the back.

Rover 75 engine

Complete sets and prices

There are three possible types of equipment to choose from – Classic (basic), Club and Connoisseur – and any of them surprises with the list of standard equipment. The dominant feature in the more expensive equipment is climate control, which automatically regulates the temperature state in the cabin, which distinguishes it from the usual air conditioner. Buy Rover 75 can be supported from 200 000 to 460 000 rubles in various configurations.

Rover 75 2003

We sum up

Rover 75 takes a certain aristocratic style and a little bit vintage dashboard, which is made very qualitatively as, however, the whole car. For tall passengers, it may be uncomfortable from behind, as the rounded roof creates discomfort with its low ceiling. The suspension can withstand Russian roads. High-quality body metal and its anti-corrosion properties attract the buyer.

Rover 75 universal side view

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Rover 75 photo

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