ZAZ Chance

ZAZ Chance
  • Car model: ZAZ
  • Producing country: Ukraine
  • Year of issue: 2009-2015
  • Body Type: Sedan, Hatchback

Zaz Chance is a budget car with a front drive. It is produced by Zaporizhzhya Automobile Plant (ZAZ). The choice of buyers is given in the variant of sedan and hatchback. This car got its name for the Russian consumer. It is known to Ukrainian customers as ZAZ Lanos. The car is also popular as Chevrolet Lanos and Daewoo Lanos. At home, in Ukraine, Lanos is the undisputed leader in sales, and already last five years. The history of the model dates back to 1997. The whole model range is ZAZ.


Since 2009, Russians have been able to use the ZAZ Chance model. During these years, the car has not undergone major changes. If we take modern measurements, then, of course, the appearance of Chance is a bit boring. The model has received rounded body shapes, which are similar in style to the droplets of the front and rear headlights.

The exterior has stepped forward, making the ZAZ a more modern car. Body made of solid metal, bearing type. Looks nice, and fitting of body parts and panels is not bad. The 17 mm clearance allows easy swallowing of light pits and potholes. The set includes small wheels R13-R14.

ZAZ Chance car


ZAZ Chance bought some other chairs. The seats now have side support. However, the steering wheel still has no adjustment in terms of both outreach and height. Objectively speaking, the car does not have a lot of free space and that is why it may not be very comfortable for tall people both behind the wheel and on passenger seats.

ZAZ Chance interior photo

The entire front panel is made of hard plastic, as well as the front card trim. The panel is poured out of a monolithic piece, which throws away all squeaks that are not even present on a mileage car. In the basic version of the mirror are adjusted manually and there are no electric window lifters. Going to the rear seats you can see that there is a lot of room for height and knees.

salon ZAZ Chance

But two middle-sized people will feel quite comfortable. The driver’s seat is not adjustable in height, but only in length. The controls have been given their logical location. Additional air ducts for the rear passengers made him happy, which undoubtedly makes him a compliment.

Although the trunk is not one of the biggest in the class, as, for example, in the Renault Logan – 510 liters, nevertheless 322 liters with a head will be enough for the city residents. In addition, it is possible to fold the backrests of the rear seats in a ratio of 40/60%. In the luggage compartment of the Chance from the factory is equipped with a full-size spare wheel, which is harmoniously covered.


The ZAZ Chance comes with three power units. It is a 1.3-litre engine with a capacity of 70 horsepower and is paired with a 5-speed manual transmission, with which a second 1.5-litre, 86-strong unit is also supplied.

The most powerful is the 1.4 liter engine, which produces 101 hp, is synchronized with the 4-speed automatic transmission. As for the suspension, it is independent in front of it, with a McPherson rack and stabilizer of transverse stability. At the back – semi-independent, with a U-shaped beam. On the rear suspension the stabilizer is installed inside the beam.

ZAZ Chance Engine

Complete sets and prices

The most affordable model of ZAZ Chance S, in Russia comes with 1.3 liters engine, manual transmission and minimum equipment. The 2013 model costs from 289900 rubles. The modification of Chance SE costs from 303000 rubles, and SX – 324000 rubles. For the car with the engine capacity of 1.5 liters and S set it is necessary to pay 341000 rubles.

SE and SX modifications are estimated at 353,500 and 375,000 rubles, respectively. A car with an automatic transmission in the cheapest modification costs 280000 rubles. The model ZAZ Chance SX costs a little more – 295 000 Russian rubles. The “elite” equipment includes power steering, airbag, fog lights, central locking, front window drive and air conditioning.

PSoto car ZAZ Chance

We sum up

Ukrainian passenger car ZAZ Chance has enough ground clearance to drive on bumpy roads. To advantages it is possible to carry profitability, the reasonable price, practicality in repair, and not strongly expensive prices for details, as for a foreign car. There are also disadvantages: scant interior, lack of adjustment of steering wheel and driver’s seat, lack of ABS function, as for modern cars, outdated design.

Side view ZAZ Chance

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ZAZ Chance photos

Test drive ZAZ Chance

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