Which brands are popular among summer tires and why

Which brands are popular among summer tires and why

It is rather difficult to estimate the popularity of summer tires, as the ratings are conducted by various specialized organizations, specialized magazines on the basis of individual tests.

Standard test methods are used to determine the best performance of summer rubber:

    • Minimum braking distance on dry and wet surfaces;

Minimum braking distance on dry and wet surfaces

  • level of control of the car;
  • Lateral stability at the same speed of movement;
  • cross, longitudinal aquaplaning;
  • Maximum and minimum degree of noise background.

Thus, in the version of the magazine “Za rulem”, taking into account the results of tests, the Russian brand Nokian Hakka and Turkish Pirelli shared the first place, as demonstrated the minimum braking distance (240 meters on dry, 260 meters on wet pavement). The third position is taken by the Czech Continental, which, according to experts, ensured a minimum level of internal noise at the time of the test. Goodyear’s German tires, which are in fourth place in the group of leaders, allow safe rebuilds at a maximum speed of 69 km/h.

The famous South Korean Hankook brand has demonstrated its popular summer tire model, which has maximum controllability during extreme maneuvering on dry asphalt surface. The summer tires of the Russian brands Cordiant, Matador Elite provided fast overcoming of the ascent on the dirt road. The Chinese brand GT Radial Champiro has shown car tires that contribute to the minimum fuel consumption in summer at speeds ranging from 60 km/hour to 90 km/hour.

The highest expert assessment was received by Japanese summer tires of the world-famous brand Toyo Proxes, which demonstrated maximum controllability of the car during extreme maneuvering on the asphalt, regardless of the degree of humidity of its surface. Developed by the leader of the French tire industry Michelin, the high-speed summer tire designed for sports cars is the most effective way to contribute to fuel economy, has a guaranteed extended, maximum service life.

The famous Italian company Pirelli presented a “green” tire for cars of the representative class. Made of natural materials, without adding aromatic oils to the original rubber mixture, car tires have an ecological safety mark located on the sidewall.

According to AutoWithYou, based on the results of summer tire tests, the list of the best brands in 2017 is as follows:

  • Vredestein (Netherlands);
  • Barum (Czech Republic);
  • Continental (Germany);
  • Dunlop (UK);
  • Hankook (Korea);
  • Kumho (Korea, China);
  • Michelin (France);
  • Nokian (Finland, Russia);
  • Pirelli (Italy);
  • Apollo (India).

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